Saturday, 6 July 2013


The blackout area.

I am a frequent user of Penchala Link since its inception back in 2004 as it gives me a convenience connection from my house in Mutiara Damansara to Jalan Duta without having to go through the hassle of traffic jam along Jalan Damansara. I was happy to pay the RM 2.00 toll each time I use the link until recently when I felt that the maintenance work done by the SPRINT authority is endangering road users despite numerous phone calls to their HOTLINE number at 03 – 7494 7333.

The lamp posts on the ramp on the exit of Penchala Link to Mutiara Damansara as well as from Mutiara Damansara to Penchala Link have been out of service for more than a year now. I’ve seen numerous accidents happened because of adequate lighting, especially involving cars ramping into the back of motorcycles, cars and even the divider itself. I’ve personally called the HOTLINE number a few times to complain about the malfunction lamp posts but no action has been taken to date despite being promised that they will look into it!
I am pissed off with this “tidak apa” attitude demonstrated by them. The management of Lebuh Raya SPRINT which takes care of privatization of the improvement, upgrading, design, construction, maintenance, operations and management of Penchala Link is sleeping on their job and failed to take action on complaints made by road users.  It is as if the safeties of the road users are not their responsibility. What is the point of having lamp posts if it only serves as a decoration? As the road user, do we have the right to refuse to pay our toll if the maintenance by them does not meet the safety standard ?

P/S: The lamp posts are functioning now. 

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