Thursday, 18 July 2013

An encounter with an evil disguised as human

Recently, I’ve come across a man with the evilness that is so complicated that I can’t find a precise word to name him other that an evil. However, this kind of person is aplenty and they are everywhere.
To start with, he has great resentment to everything good about another human being. He has unappeasable greed and lust for money that he does not know what are integrity and loyalty. Whatever little things that he does, it is all about money at the back of his mind.
He also loves to wear different masks as a human. He loves to hobnob with the rich and famous and those in powerful positions. He is good at pretending to be flattering you but at your back, he loves to badmouth you. Besides that, his other modus operandi is to act stupid and ask questions that when you takes the initiative to answer his questions, he claims that you are showing off your talent. He has the habit of checking and enquiring about your background but when he knew of the flashy car that you drive and the nice house that you stay in, the level of his enviousness increased beyond description.
Given the opportunity to prove himself, this man will produce nothing workable because his whole brain is just full of evil thoughts about others but he will assert the claim that his ideas are the best in the world. When you stand up to challenge him, you will instantly become his enemy for he can never tolerate other people’s better ideas. With that, you can be assured that your name will be associated with bossy, showing off, clueless, stupid until he is satisfied that you are beaten.
His greatest talent among the evilness in his mind of all is probably in creating disunity among colleagues by manipulating unsuspecting colleagues against the other. He loves to see factions being created so that he can come in to be mediating among the factions. Unity means he has no role to play in an organization. This kind of mediation gave him to level of satisfaction only one notch below the satisfaction that money gave him.
It takes all sorts to make a world. There are people that we will like immediately, some that we think we think we might learn to like in the fullness of time and some that we might simply just want to have nothing to do with them.
Well, it is just a waste of time to deal with such a person and the best way to go around him is to have nothing to do with him but when it is unavoidable, the best ways are to keep one’s silence, act stupid in front of him, guard one’s privacy and double check whatever that he has to say. Above all, always be on guard when dealing with this kind of person for you may not want to fall into the traps that he laid. Be thankful too, that these kinds of people help to make us stronger and appreciate more of other good people around us.  And there is no answer to the philosophical question of why such people exist or how to get rid of them. You get rid of one today, there may be ten tomorrow.
多见不怪, 少见才怪.

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