Friday, 26 July 2013

A bus trip back home with Transnasional

This afternoon I did something which I’ve not done for years – I took a bus back to Teluk Intan. It all started when mom and dad decided not to come back to KL for the weekend, so I thought since I’m having a long weekend and I am not going to Singapore, I might as well go back. It is time to start packing my stuffs, especially my books for the new house.
The initial plan was have Azman chauffeuring me home and in return he takes a bus trip back to KL, with that I can bring Baron with me. But on the thought that I will have to drive back to KL alone on Sunday as not to disturb Azman’s rest day, dad suggested that why not I take a bus ride home. Baron can come back during the Raya break.
I was skeptical if I can get a bus ticket since today is a Friday. Friday in my mind was always associated with traffic jams surrounding Puduraya, packed buses, delays, tickets sold out and sometimes, two bus trips combined into one but those were during my student days. Doesn’t matter, I will just drive to Jalan Duta in the morning to check out about the ticket. If I can’t get one home, then I will drive home. Not a big deal.
Last night, while enjoying our cups of Chinese tea, my god sister Linda asked if I can purchase the tickets online. It didn’t come across my mind at all that the bus company is so advanced now that online ticketing is available. Yes, I can purchase my ticket online at Transnasional website and have my ticket complete with the seat number available with just a few clicks.
Instead of the old, stuffy, dirty, smelly and all too polluted Puduraya, the Jalan Duta station which is designated for north bound journeys offers clean, comfortable and air-conditioned waiting area for passengers. The buses those days were a far cry from what I experienced today. The bus itself was punctual, clean and the seats were comfortable. There are even single seats at the back. No more cranky busses that might break down halfway, seats that were so archaic or having to travel without air-condition throughout the journey. Surprisingly, the journey now only takes 2 hours instead of the old dragging three.
For once I am very impressed with the public transport system in Malaysia. I’ll definitely take more bus trips back to Teluk Intan in future.

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