Sunday, 16 June 2013

My father, the man of honour, integrity and generousity

Ten years ago, on this same morning, on a Father’s Day, I was back in hometown to celebrate this special day with him. I bought him a pot of orchid from the Penang Botanical Garden as a present. That orchid is no longer around but his looming words are still very clear in my mind: “no matter what you do out there, I am not going to interfere with your career choice but always remember to keep the honour of our family, first.”
The ever loving couple, daddy and mummy.
This is my father, a man of few words but all his words are pearls of wisdom that are hard to forget, a firm believer in freedom for his children as long as they do it right, a lovely husband that all women wish to have in a husband, a man with young heart with crisp knowledge of latest technologies and a man of high honour, integrity and generousity.

Daddy, Happy Father’s Day.

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