Wednesday, 12 June 2013

God the Artist

I used to like to recite this poem, God the Artist during my stay in Auckland with the comment that the skills of Captain Cook made us discover Aotearoa but the Hand of God fashioned New Zealand’s magnificent landscape.
I stumbled upon this hidden waterfall near Taupo, Central North Island, New Zealand while driving from Auckland to Napier.

God the Artist by Angela Morgan (1875-1957)

God, when you thought of a pine tree,

 How did you think of a star?

 How did you dream of the Milky Way

 To guide us from afar.

 How did you think of a clean brown pool

 Where flecks of shadows are?

 God, when you thought of a cobweb,

 How did you think of dew?

 How did you know a spider's house

 Had shingles bright and new?

 How did you know the human folk

 Would love them like they do?

 God, when you patterned a bird song,

 Flung on a silver string,

 How did you know the ecstasy

 That crystal call would bring?

 How did you think of a bubbling throat

 And a darling speckled wing?

 God, when you chiseled a raindrop,

 How did you think of a stem,

 Bearing a lovely satin leaf

 To hold the tiny gem?

 How did you know a million drops

 Would deck the morning's hem?

 Why did you mate the moonlit night

 With the honeysuckle vines?

 How did you know Madeira bloom

 Distilled ecstatic wines?

 How did you weave the velvet disk

 Where tangled perfumes are?

 God, when you thought of a pine tree,

 How did you think of a star?

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