Monday, 6 May 2013

Lessons to learn from Hoong Ling

With Hoong Ling on our campaign car.

For the past three weeks, I’ve been helping Hoong Ling running her campaign and it gave me an opportunity to work closely with her. It is an honour. She is one of the rare breed of candidates that any political parties ever produced.

To start with, Hoong Ling’s generosity and guts knows no boundary. They are embedded in her since her primary school days. Four years ago, she donated 60% of her liver to a stranger. Fast forward four years, today, how many of us can stand up and be counted to have the courage to be a live organ donor?

Next, she is one of the most transparent candidates in town. Her personal plus campaign calendar is open to the public at her website when others treat their where about or whom they meet with utmost secrecy. She is also one of the few candidates that openly publish her contact number and email so that she is always within the reach of the people.

What appalled to me most was the simplicity of her lifestyle. People have the stereotype that all BN candidates live in nice houses or high end condominiums but the truth is her office is her home. I was out of words when I saw her makeshift bed and wardrobe. I used to tell people that my wardrobe is the simplest that you can find in a woman but now, I have to keep my mouth shut after seeing Hoong Ling’s.

During the campaign, she is in all focus on what she needs to do. Kudos to her that she didn’t fire any solve on her opponent which earns my respect. She is also cautious on not to overpromise for she believe it will come back to haunt her. Her ringing words are “judge me by what I’ve done, not by my rhetoric of words and promises”. Rain or shine, she is all out to meet and greet as many people as possible. She is full of energy and optimism.

How many candidates that lost in this election actually accept their defeat gracefully and offered “congratulations” to their opponent?  Hoong Ling is the very first to do this. Not long after that, she wrote a short note to the people of Petaling Jaya Utara telling them that despite her losing, her service to them will continue as usual.

All these are the traits and personalities of a leader that we all want. On reflections, I think, it is more of the people’s loss than her personal loss that she is not elected as their MP. She may have lost this war that swipe off Chinese candidates representing Barisan Nasional but I believe she will win the battle in the long run.


  1. She was in the wrong party ...

  2. i totally agree that she is a good leader, and in fact she is really generous too. It's about the party that she's representing, I believe through time, with her ability and strength,she can revive the party's back to a state that can gain the trust of people.

  3. she does not belong to partisan politic. she belongs to the people.

  4. Blogger talks cock all the time.