Monday, 27 May 2013

Feng shui masters told me so….

I was exposed to the study of metaphysics since young; influenced by my family members who are hard core believers in feng shui, fortune telling, date selection and divination, to the extent that the family even has an “in house” feng shui master. As time passed, metaphysics related books started to fill up my library, from unknown masters to my most respected master, Joey Yap. Not satisfied with just learning from the books, I started to attend courses offered. I won’t call myself a pro but at least I knew enough Xuan Kong Flying Star as well as Purple Star Divination and I Ching Divination for self-usage.
My collection of books by Joey Yap.


Some years back, before I acquire the current property where I am now staying, I did not engage any feng shui master to double confirm my study that the property’s feng shui is auspicious. Happy and satisfied with my own assessment based on what I study from Joey Yap, I moved in. Things go on smoothly as usual and luck was overall good.

However, along the way, visiting friends who also knew feng shui would advise on what should be placed where and where but I seldom listen to them except on two occasions. One friend advised that I should place a plant next to a toilet door along the corridor to my study and the guest room. Without asking why, I sourced for a plant that is suitable for indoor and placed it there. So far, no plant ever survived more than a month or so at that location. I dutifully replace one after another without much complain which is quite rare for my nature.

One day, one of YH’s friends, who studied feng shui from a grandmaster in town, paid a visit bringing along his “Luo Pan – feng shui compass”. YH wanted him to audit the feng shui of the house. Then he recommended that I place an aquarium at the entrance of my main door. I protested but he managed to persuade YH to put an aquarium there. My argument was that the place is not suitable for a water feature but YH argued back that the friend know better than me and all his grandmother stories. Tired of argument, I relented. All I knew was there was no end to argument between me and YH after the aquarium was installed. We would argue even over little things.

Before Chinese New Year this year, by chance, I came to know Master Wong, a very down to earth feng shui master at a teashop. Master Wong was a disciple of Master Hong Quan, who was said to be advising the Singapore government over its city planning and government buildings, as well as a few well known Hong Kong masters.

We started talking about Purple Star Divination and clicked instantly. As he is also very much into tea, I invited him over to sample my collections of teas.

He frowned as he enters the house and murmured that the aquarium should not be there. He mentioned a few Cantonese words which I had since forgotten but he asked me to remove the aquarium soonest possible to another corner which I duly did the next day. Next, he asked me to reposition my praying altar because I’d positioned it the other way round. It should be facing the balcony instead of the main door. He then went on to explain how the feng shui of condominiums work a bit different from landed properties. He also asked me to reposition my daybed as it blocked the “wealth sector” of the house. I did what he suggested.

The cursed corner.
Out of curiosity, I also asked him about the plant and enquire about the “special location” which I called “the cursed corner”. Indeed the plant’s purpose is to be there to block the direct “sha qi” between my study and the toilet. I supposed I’ve got the answer.

Did I experience any changes in life after doing all the repositioning? Yes, I realized I became busier than usual, no more petty arguments and some occasion windfall luck. One very obvious feeling that I experience after the change is that the "qi" or energy of the house became very lively.  


  1. above all, you must have a good heart.

  2. i need to buckle up with some feng shui knowledge. Good to read this, JD :)

  3. Angel, start investing in books.