Saturday, 25 May 2013

Auckland…. I am returning !!

I know I am still very young to talk about retirement but the recent comment by Malaysia’s newly appointed Home Affairs Minister hasten my thought about where should I retire. This brilliant minister told Malaysians who are not satisfied with the recent election result to migrate. Be it his personal view or his official view, it is still his view; other apologists need not defend him.

What he said was indeed in the mind of many fellow Malaysians. However, not only Pakatan Rakyat supporters thought of migrating, angry BN supporters too. We’ve already have ex Malaysian minister and fall-out cronies suburb in Perth. Perhaps time is right now for a “Pissed off former Malaysians” suburb in other foreign cities. Add on with “Former Malaysian Expatriate” or "Once a Malaysian for few days" villages in Myanmar, Bangladesh, Indonesia and more. This will make Malaysia not only truly Asia but truly Global. 
As Steven Covey put it in 7th Habits of Highly Effective People, Habit #2 talks about “Begin with the end in mind”. Putting in practice what he wrote, I begin with the end in mind. I should think of where I want to retire, only to plan on where I should migrate to. The older you go, the harder for you to gain a Permanent Resident status in a host country, so one should start young, unless you have plenty of money for investment in exchange for PR.
I’ve gone through a list of possible countries that I would like to migrate to and finally, I settle for New Zealand. To be precise, I would like to retire in Auckland, the city of sails and the place where I spent my formative years. Although I’ve left Auckland for good for almost 10 years, the emotional link and engagement with this city are particularly strong. It is as if I’ve never left Auckland. I would say this land of long white clouds, New Zealand’s other namesake, is paradise on earth created by God the Artist and a place I would like to migrate to and retire.
So now, first things first, I should start looking for a job in Auckland, have my house in Epsom ready for my return and be on lookout for international mover.  Perhaps moving companies can start having group discount for Malaysians like me who want to migrate and advertise their discount packages in the newspaper as well as Facebook.  Oh yes, I should also team up with my friends in Auckland to start a job employment cum migration agency in New Zealand. Finally, thank you Malaysia’s Home Affairs Minister for putting so much ideas in my mind. It is good since news has died down post GE 13.


  1. when are you moving to auckland?

  2. Hi there,
    was net surfing when I came across your post.
    I m still in the eoi process, hope everything goes well.
    I have never been to NZ, so if it gets approved, hopefully I can have some malaysians network / help.
    when u set up your job employment/migration agency, pls add me to your contact list ya? thks :)

  3. Dear Jadryn


    I think you are not the only one who think this way... well at least, me and you have the same thoughts. In fact, I've been thinking about migration for at least 3 years.

    I have a small family, a loving husband and a 6 years old daughter Belle. I was offered a job last year in 2012 in the beauty and spa industry. The salary wasn't too great but for a migrants, I guess it is not so bad. But, I didn't take up the offer. You know, the first step is very important, and we are talking about to migrate with family - a lot of worries and fear I would say.

    Well, things changed this year, after the GE 13. Me and family is planning to go to Auckland in November (flight is confirmed!!) and I've scheduled an appointment to meet up with a potential employer and we are going to explore, trying to check out houses and schools...

    Jadryn, how sad it is that we were to ask to go, if we are not happy with the current political / educational status in the country... aren't we Malaysian too... I am 35 years old this year and have been living in this land for exactly 35 years.

    Come to think for my child's future, I've decided to spent RM 15k on this trip just to fly in to Auckland to see if we love this place or not. Well, we really think it worth...

    I'm really hope you will find peace and happiness in Auckland and we should stay in touch always, who knows we will meet in Auckland one day.



    1. Dear ST,

      When are you flying to Auckland and will be there for how long?