Thursday, 30 May 2013

Adieu to Legend of Tea @ The Curve

Legend of Tea, 古意斋, at The Curve will cease operation starting from today after being in business for almost 9 years. The management had decided to close down this branch and in its wake will be its new premise in Sunway Pyramid with a new name – Lots 

Tom, Linda and myself.
I started to frequent Legend of Tea since 2005 and it was a place that holds many memories for me and some friends. It also stands as testimonial to the good old days of yesteryears where strong friendship were bonded and knowledge in tea, teapots, feng shui, traditional Chinese medicine, I Ching, insurance, pharmaceutical, gourmet, religion and politics were discussed over cups of teas almost every afternoon.

It is also a place where I bought most of my precious teapots and how arrivals of new teapots were much anticipated. We would gather upon hearing that a new batch of pots are arriving on a particular day and before the pot has a chance to be on the display cabinet, most likely that it would have found an owner. If one is late, one can only bite the fingers that such a nice pot has been taken. Such was the fun of buying teapots in those days.

The three of us with Mee Ling and Hang Hang, the last batch of staffs.

I am saddened by the news that such a place will no longer be available but again, no feasts last forever. What remains are the memories of yesteryears and a few good friends such as Tom and my tea friend turned god sister, Linda. I believe we will find a new place soon as a substitute but the original place will forever remain as the best.

古意斋 - 传古意,寄情谊。

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