Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Why your participation in the coming general election is very important

Finally, parliament has been dissolved after much brouhaha and anti-climax moments. Now the next thing to wait for is the voting date which is scheduled to be announced by the Election Commissions tomorrow. Thanks to social media, Facebook in particular, political awareness among the people, especially the younger ones has increased. Many of my friends who were previously apolitical are now starting to discuss about politics, sharing links, clicked “Like” on political related pages on Facebook, forwarding emails and many more. Many have also expressed their intention to travel back to their hometown to vote.
Good news too to airline companies as many Sarawakians and Sabahans living in peninsular are going back to vote and Malaysians living in abroad are coming back to vote. Perhaps they should increase their flight frequencies on the few days before and after polling date. I asked a friend from Miri why for the past elections you couldn’t be bothered to go back but this time? The reply from him is “Ini Kali lah”.  I replied: “Good. Many should emulate you but only this time??"
However, I still find many who could not be bothered about politics citing many excuses and the very common reason given is “I don’t like politics, don’t get me involved.” Well, whether we like it or not, politics actually touches every aspect of our daily life but many people do not realize this. Even trivial matters like tree trimming around your neighborhood are related to politics because it is the job of councilors who mostly hailed from political parties or who are politically related to ensure the local council does their jobs. An untrimmed tree can be linked to blockages of street lights that can link to accidents and also crimes.
Of course the big issues related to politics are the country’s future that will directly affect your pocket, career prospects, business directions, lifestyle, safety, healthcare, parents and children(s).
Here are 6 salient points why your participation in the coming GE is very important:

1)      You determine the course of your future. Not others do it for you.

2)      You will decide what kind of representative you want for your area that can serve you when you are in need and raise issues affecting you and someone dear to you. Don’t just choose based on political parties. There are good candidates from both sides of the divide.

3)       You will need to show your incumbent underperforming, joker or embarassing elected representative from your area seeking another term of vote from you the "EXIT" door.

4)       You will help to reject politicians that play the racial card. There is no place in Malaysia for this kind of politicians.

5)      You will decide whether you want a strong mandate for only one party in parliament and state assembly to implement its policies or a check and balance system.

6)      Finally, you will decide if you want to give Ah Jib Kor a chance or really want Ubah?
Having said that, I would like to encourage you to attend political ceramah near your neighborhood to listen to what the candidates from both sides offering themselves in your area have to say. If you still don’t feel comfortable attending a ceramah, at least check them out on Facebook and YouTube. Google them. Get to know them and what have they done so far. Don't just listen to what others say.
Find some time to read their manifesto for your area. Check out if it is just rhetoric or an achievable one. Compare their personal appeal to you if you find that going through BN’s or PR’s manifestos are too long.
In this 21st century, those candidates who can’t even manage their Facebook account properly and don’t even know how to put their personal appeal to you properly; chances are they can’t even do things for you properly. Speak up when they are elected? Don’t even dream of it.

Remember Plato’s quote, you don’t want to be governed by your inferiors. Governed by inferiors is just one, how about other penalties?

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