Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wake up call to Gerakan – Stop dreaming about winning Teluk Intan

The iconic leaning clock tower of Teluk Intan.
I almost want to fall off my rocking chair when I read in today’s The Edge Financial Daily interview with Gerakan’s Perak chairman, Chang Ko Youn when he said that the party ground assessment believes it can win all three parliamentary seats it will be contesting in the coming election. The three are Taiping, Beruas and Teluk Intan.
Well, I won’t comment about Taiping and Beruas but coming from Teluk Intan, I would like to tell Chang and former Teluk Intan MP from Gerakan, Mah Siew Keong to wake up and stop dreaming about wresting Teluk Intan parliamentary seat back from DAP. Your party's ground assessment is not giving you the true sentiment of the people of Teluk Intan.
Also, please stop having the denial syndrome that the people of Perak had forgotten about how BN wrested the state government from Pakatan Rakyat. It is still very fresh in Perakians mind and the people of Teluk Intan.
The people of Teluk Intan are not fools. They know the true colours of Mah Siew Keong. He disappeared from Teluk Intan after he lost in 2008 and only appeared when the speculations of elections began to crop up at the end of 2011. That is when he started again his “service” to the people of Teluk Intan with long list of bribes including free dinners.  

From the respond of the people of Teluk Intan, he knew that bribes no longer works so his people went around town begging people to vote for him by saying “ yes, we know Mah Siew Keong will not win again but please don’t let him “die” (lose) until very ugly ”, so please give your vote to him.” I heard this myself when I was back during Chinese New Year. It was a joke of the town when someone countered back “ it is okay to die in whatever way because the embalmer from the funeral house will definitely make the corpse looks good “.  Gerakan leaders used to like to say the DAP always deploy this sympathy vote tactics but now they are the one using it.
When this sympathy vote tactics does not work, thugs were dispatched to disrupt DAP’s ceramah at Teluk Intan’s iconic leaning clock tower. It only made the people of Teluk Intan hate BN even more. Some people claimed that Mah Siew Keong dispatched the thugs while some claimed it was dispatched by PPP’s potential candidate for the Pasir Bedamar state seat whom the people of Teluk Intan call “tua pau Chuan” or “big cannon Chuan”. Regardless of who sent the thugs, the damage had been done.
Chang Ko Youn can continue dreaming if he choose to but Mah Siew Keong is no longer in winnable candidate in Teluk Intan is a reality. From 1995 since he first became a state assemblyman for Pasir Bedamar until now, the people of Teluk Intan already know him too well. It is better for Chang to concentrate on other seats that has more potential for Gerakan to win. Forget about Teluk Intan.


  1. Insightful comment. Sentiments of people on the ground are neither acknowledged or measured.
    Muraalie Kannan, a Teluk Intan youth

    1. What do you mean by "Sentiments of people on the ground are neither acknowledged or measured." ? Please clarify. Thanks.

    2. How about Mah's work on building the dams and infrastructure of Teluk Intan? And his tireless work in helping the people of the town even after he lost in 2008. I have seen him meet with the people very often. How did you verify that he wasn't doing anything in the time between 2008 and 2011? And, in contrast, how much has DAP done for our town since they won?

      Please clarify. Thanks.

    3. Dear Ethan,

      The people of Teluk Intan had casted their votes on 5th May and that is the best indication of how well Mah served the people of Teluk Intan. The result will be very different if Mah had been doing what you've stated.

  2. The votes were cast not against Mah, but against BN. That's why it was so disappointing that Mah, who has done so much for Teluk Intan, did not win the seat. But the most admirable thing is that Mah continues to fulfil his duties (which I have personally seen this first hand) for our town even after he lost the election.

    I'm not in agreement with many things that BN stands for, but to attack Mah himself, as you did in this post, is just wrong.

    If anything, Mah is an exemplary Malaysian who selflessly puts the needs of the people in front of his own. I cannot say the same for current Teluk Intan DAP incumbent.

    1. Dear Ethan,

      If you think that I am wrong and unjust in attacking Mah, your respond to defend him is rather too late, you should have defended him before the people of Teluk Intan cast their votes but it is still not late for you to defend him before the delegates from Gerakan decide if Mah should be the president of the party.Your respond to my writing sounded more like an attempt to project Mah in the best possible light and the most eligible person to take over Gerakan's presidency from Koh Tsu Koon.

      To quote Voltaire, I do not agree with what you have to say but I'll defend your right to say it. I disagree with everything that you said about Mah and the people of Teluk Intan too. Do not belittle the judgement of the people of Teluk Intan, they knew who can serve them best and who only serve their own interest. If the people vote against BN, how would you explain his loss in 2008 when the sentiment against BN wasn't that stong? Can you please list down the things that he did for Teluk Intan when he was the Deputy Minister between 2004 and 2008 ? Where are the dams in Teluk Intan as you had mentioned earlier ? They are not dams, please check your fact right. The town is still beseiged by flood and sinking by the year. Infrastructure developments ? Are you going to say a 24 hours drive thru McDonalds is Mah's contribution to Teluk Intan or the widening of roads ?