Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The politician that invited the Sulu invaders, who is it? Is it Tan Sri Harris Salleh?

The nation is in crisis now. What started as an intrusion by the self-claimed heirs of Sultan of Sulu into our sovereign territory in Lahat Datu, Sabah has now escalated into an invasion and bloodshed in various places in Sabah’s east coast with no end in sight, at least for now. Will it escalate into more places, no one knows! But one thing all Malaysians from all walks of life know for now is that this intrusion is organized by our politicians with both sides being roped in by supporters from the other side. BN claimed it is opposition’s job, PR claimed it is government’s conspiracy.

Then the PM calls for probe over the instigation claim because a Philippines military officer said that a Malaysian opposition politician invited the armed men over to discuss land issues. However, the PM did not disclose how soon will soon will be the announcement of outcome of the investigation. The sooner the people of Malaysia know who this politician is, the better it is for us, for it will end unnecessary rumors that will further divide Malaysians.

So far, the only politician that came out with a so called solution that sounds fishy to this crisis is former Sabah Chief Minister, Tan Sri Harris Salleh. He has has proposed that the Malaysian Government permanently settle the long-standing issue of ownership of Sabah raised by the Sultan of Sulu by way of a lump-sum compensation payment of RM200 million. Who is the real Sultan of Sulu is a question, so pay to which claimant ? Why RM200 million? Because he said that the suggested amount of RM200 million was merely equivalent to the monthly expenses for the armed forces to control Sabah’s coastline. Can our Defense Minister please confirm this or this amount is just what Harris Salleh claimed?

Harris Salleh also said that he had written to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Tun Hussein that RM50 million is to be allocated from the RM200 million direct to the Sulu Sultan’s descendants while the balance for the development of a Felda-style settlement scheme in Mindanao. Is this so called Felda-style settlement scheme in Mindanao is the land issues the Philippines military officer referred to? Is that also the reason they choose to camp at villages in the Felda Sahabat 17 scheme?

When all these add up together, my mind can’t help guessing is this so called opposition politician is Tan Sri Harris Salleh or someone linked to him or he knew who is the real opposition politician implied by the military officer? Would Tan Sri Harris Salleh please come out to clear the air?

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