Monday, 4 March 2013

Riots are bound to happen in Malaysia

It was exactly a year ago when I wrote that Penang Malay Congress claimed that Perkasa was behind the anti Lynas fracas in Penang that almost turned into clash between races when I urged for Ibrahim Ali and those responsible to face the law. Not only was Ibrahim Ali not being questioned at all by police, Perkasa and Ibrahim Ali became more daring in their actions and in what they said that clearly put race and religion relations in Malaysia at crossroads. As they say, one leads to another…..the more when no action is taken against the culprit.

Then, throughout 2012, we read about these so called UMNO-linked thugs that sabotage countless Pakatan Rakyat ceramahs, threw red paints at PR’s bus, and did butt exercise infront of Datuk Ambiga’s house, attack students who asked for the abolishment of PTPTN loans, and a long list more barbaric acts with the mother of all was the ugly ending of Bersih 3.0 demonstration in downtown Kuala Lumpur. To be fair, we do read about the Prime Minister being humiliated in Penang, Ng Yen Yen's Jonker Street shame,Gerakan's office being splashed with coffee and eggs, Hew Kuan Yau's outbursts, bottles thrown at Wee Ka Siong and etc. Both side have their own share of untoward events.

At wee hour this morning, I am moved to give my piece of mind that I have been thinking after observing barbaric and uncivilized acts of supporters of political parties for over a year now because a big fight between the supporters of BN and PR was almost taking place a few hours ago at the Dataran Menara Condong in my hometown Teluk Intan. My friends and some relatives (they were my live source) was there for a ceramah organized by Pakatan Rakyat  that started at 7pm but halfway through, a group of BN supporters and thugs turned up to sabotage it by waving BN flags and signing patriotic songs. The ceramah was halted and anger was clearly seen on both sides. If not for the announcement from the stage asking for calm and for refrain of use of violence by PR supporters, I am sure both side will surely fight. The police was there too but failed to ask the BN gang to leave. 

Throughout the year, my mind have not been far away from thinking that if barbaric and uncivilised actions by supporters of political parties do not come to a stop in this deeply politically divided nation, riots are bound to happen. No, it is not going to be like May 13 race riots but this time it will be riots between supporters of BN and PR. All races will be roped in. It is either you are with BN or with PR regardless of race. Even among people from the same race, they have scores to settle among each other and I believe this drove them to be uber hardcore supporters of either BN or PR. Not only are Malays divided, the Chinese who had always observe refrain from trouble want to settle scores too because their rice bowls are affected. The same are happening between the have and have-nots Indians.

Bizarre it may sound to you now. When will it happen? Well, most will think it will happen after the announcement of the elections results by reasoning that either side can’t accept the result. I think it may happen as soon as tomorrow when the tide of anger cannot be contained anymore. Ah Jib kor, what will be your solution to this problem, as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, besides you have just signed the election integrity pledge? Will you do the leadership by example honour by asking your BN/UMNO supporters/thugs to observe civility or will you just blame it on PR? Just wait and see.

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