Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Election and Erection and cows

 “Government, to be effective, must at least give the impression of enduring and a government which is open to the vagaries of the ballot box is a government which is already weakened before it starts to govern.” – Lee Kuan Yew

I absolutely agree with Lee Kuan Yew that the government must at least give the impression of enduring and it must not be open the vagaries of the ballot box. However, in today’s Malaysia, we are now witnessing the weaken government even before the people goes to the ballot box. Elections are serious matters to politicians and the voters because it decides the fate of the nation. It is not a joking thing. Alas, in Malaysia, it has become a joke now because our Prime Minister is so afraid of what the voters will cross at the ballot box.

This morning, while having my tea with some friends, a friend asked me: “Jadryn, when is Jib Jib going to announce the dissolution of parliament?” while browsing through today’s newspaper.

Honestly, I am so tired with this question that it seems like a stress now. “We can try to email Malacanang Palace to ask the Sultan of Sulu’s secretary to ask his boss regarding when Malaysians can vote”, I replied jokingly to the laughter of everyone.

Another friend sitting with us who is very well known for his participation in Pakatan Rakyat activities suddenly said “ Apa Sulu Sulu, election will be called when someone's erection problem is solved. Not need to email Malacanang Palace, we should call Pfizer!  From their office in Glenmarie to Putrajaya is not far. Can do same day delivery. You see, in Australia, Julia Gillard doesn't have erection problem so she can announce the date of election 9 months ahead.”
"Eh...eh...Make sure it is the 100mg tablets. 50mg not potent enough", another friend quipped.
"Are you all implying it is better for woman to be Prime Minister of a country?" I asked.
"Cannot too....else we will have a lot of issues with cows in condos."
Luckily there aren’t any foods or drinks in everyone’s mouth or the person sitting opposite will get a taste of it. We just can’t stop laughing out loud for the next few minutes. Malaysia…..O….Malaysia…..is this your fate after the British gone for good for 55 years and half?

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