Thursday, 21 March 2013

A poem for Barisan Nasional

As I browse through my collections of Tang Dynasty poems, I came across this poem that I think suits BN very well, it can be used to represent the feelings of young and urban voters, myself included.

弹琴 by 刘长卿





This poem was written by Liu Changqing. It talks about a seven string zither that people like to play and listen. He particularly like to listen to one ancient tune called “wind and pine tree” but while quietly listen to it, he felt very uneasy. It is because although he loves the tune very much, these days, people do not like it anymore.

So, BN leaders, can you guys please change the tune? The same old tricks don’t work anymore. We, the people do not feel the benefit of your policies and we do not see any chance in reality, although in our heart, we still have sentiments for BN.

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