Thursday, 28 February 2013

An A+ for YB Elizabeth Wong

This afternoon while waiting for the lift to my office, I bump into a Tan Sri and his friend, both whom so happened to live in Mutiara Damansara. He told me that he was on his way to the Petroleum Club with his friend for a meeting. Out of sudden, Tan Sri asked me if I have changed my voting address from Penang to Selangor. I replied yes, so in the coming election we are going to be voter of Bukit Lanjan state seat and Subang parliamentary seat.

I came to know this Tan Sri exactly a year ago when residents of Mutiara Damansara came out in full force against the proposed Damansara – Shah Alam Highway (DASH) that was designed to cut through this beautiful and prestigious neighbourhood. It was a no brainer project and as of date, the fate of the highway is still hanging without any conclusion. I still remember the Tan Sri said that those who design and approve such a route must be someone born without a brain- tak ada kepala otak, as he said it in Malay.

Inside the lift, Tan Sri asked if I do read an article in The Edge Financial Daily about an article relating to Gerakan’s candidate poser for the Bukit Lanjan state seat and went on straight to comment that no matter who that BN is going to field for Bukit Lanjan, the voters will vote for Eli Wong. “Voters know who is working and who only show up once election is near,” Tan Sri’s friend added. "Where are the representatives from BN ?"

I agree with the Tan Sri and his friend about this. Be it Francis Chong or Syed Razak Alsagoff that the BN will field for Bukit Lanjan, both are of no match to Eli, as Elizabeth Wong is fondly called by the people. The list of what Eli did for the people of Bukit Lanjan are too long to be named. Many problems were solved and at the peak of the DASH issue, even though it is a Federal Government project, she was in solidarity with her constituents.  But what I fondly remember of her was when she distribute greeting cards to residents at the guard house of my housing estate on festive seasons.

To be fair, Francis Chong and Syed Razak Alsagoff were nowhere to be seen. Not even on any banner along Persiaran Surian where politicians love to hang theirs. Some politicians are well known to be nowhere to be seen except on banners and billboards.

My curiosity about Francis Chong, the BN coordinator for Bukit Lanjan lead to me search for him on Facebook and read his postings. To my horror, I found out so many grammatical and spelling errors on his postings. On the photos and albums sections, where candidates wannabes will upload all photos that they can about what they have done show off to their voters and party bosses; there were so many untitled albums. How on earth people are going to guess what you did in those photos?

Syed Razak Alsagoff’s Facebook is another disappointment. A posting copied from his FB page read: So kind of my wife to maintain my FB. I am very lazy at updating and chatting because I am from the old school where voice or phone call is still the best. Old man mah..... Not like my wife who keeps up with the latest on telecommunications.... her job mah!

Err….if Francis Chong or his assistant can’t even manage his Facebook page properly, which is vital these days for him to connect with the people he intends to serve and if he can’t even spell properly or at least get his grammar correct, does he qualify to be the candidate at the first place? It is the same for Syed Razak Alsagoff if he needs his wife to maintain his FB page. Ah Jib kor, are these two your so called winnable candidates for Bukit Lanjan, a constituency where every household have internet access and majority of primary school students have their own Facebook and Twitter?

I need not elaborate further on YB Eli’s Facebook. It is the testimony of her hard work and dedication to the people all these years.

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