Thursday, 19 July 2012

Y.B. Phee Boon Poh and New Zealand PR

Yes, Phee Boon Poh’s wife and children are staying in New Zealand and they have been there for many years, even before I return to Malaysia to join the DAP. I know that his wife and children are NZ Permanent Resident pass holders but not too sure if they had given up their Malaysian citizenship. But what I am very sure is Phee Boon Poh himself is not a NZ PR holder.

I’ve known Boon Poh, as he is fondly called since my DAP days in Penang. He was always nice with his opinions and suggestions. He is a successful businessman with his own printing company in the Mak Mandin, started by his father and has wide connections among the business fraternity in Penang. He is close to the owner of Rex Group famous for its can foods on which a good friend of mine used to be their nutritionist.

I first met Boon Poh not in any DAP function but in front of Rex’s factory in Mak Mandin which is nearby to his printing factory. Knowing that I used to stay and work in New Zealand, we starting chatting very much about New Zealand and about his wife and children there. I remember having asked, so are you a PR there; he said no, I am not one but my wife and children is. During DAP’s bad days, Boon Poh was its financier. We used to sit together in the state committee. His contribution to DAP is huge.

During one of our conversations, when I lament to him that some people in DAP Penang think that I am taking DAP’s salary to promote myself, he did said that it would be better if I am not employed by the party. He did suggest that I make enough money for myself before joining a political party, and then the naysayers would shut up. So when I resigned and subsequently join a law firm, his words are still ringing.

So recently when the news of my party’s Dr. Ng Yen Yen’s Australia’s PR status resurfaced again, people starting accusing that Boon Poh himself is NZ PR holder. If the website did not retract its statement and stop the lies itself, I would agree with Boon Poh  sue them for defamation like what I did recently when someone said I took away 1 million and a four wheel drive to join MCA.

Again, I am not defending any one from DAP because I am pro DAP but I am defending the truth. I’ve also defended Jessie Ooi from MCA. When my party president was humiliated at a recent private bank dinner, I defended him as well. When Phee Boon Poh is not a NZ PR, please don’t say he is one.

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