Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Open letter to someone with the username of sfx3000 on forum

Print screen done on 13th June 2012.

Dear sfx3000,
With the advencement of technology, I have came across your comment on – titled: What is the name of the DAP female lawyer, young one.
Well, I have to say either you have poor connections with people in MCA or you have very bad imaginations. You also do not know me well enough, especially about my taste before you to simply give comments about me.
You claimed that I was bribed with over 1 million including a 4 wheel drive. Should you also state in what currency is the 1 million and what 4 wheel drive is that ?
If it is RM 1 million, it is too little for me. Perhaps you should think of NZD 10 million. And also the 4 wheel drive is not my taste. My taste is in Rolls Royce or at least a S Class. The 1 million and the 4 wheel drive you mention is too little for me if I want to cross over to another political party.
Check your facts before you said anything about me because I am taking you to court. In court, please prove to all that if I have ever received 1 million and 4 wheel drive from anyone to join MCA from DAP. Make your facts clear there, don't just on cyberspace using some nicknames.
Jadryn Loo Hooi Yee


  1. hi.. someone is calling u as whale..

    1. Dear anonymous,

      Thanks for updating me and also to setokin_47 for calling me a whale which I do not know what he/she mean but it made my day because whales are cute right, aren't they ? Also, Malaysians are grateful to people with the nicknames like setokin_47 and sfx3000, they give more jobs to MCMC, at least not wasting taxpayer's money.

    2. Whale means you fat, not cute. Whales body is full with scabbies, and its inner is full of lard, hence you = whale

    3. Dear anonymous,

      Perception varies between different people. I do agree with you that I am fat but I am still thinner than Ros mama. I think whales are cute but of course I do not imply that I am cute. I miss the good old days in New Zealand when sometimes you can spot giant whales just not far from Auckland Harbour.

  2. lol. hi Jadryn. if you have the time, take a look at the whole thread. i'm pretty sure that anonymous poster is Babyryn :D

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the info. The thread is about someone calling someone a scammer and I am being dragged into the picture and being called as a whale. People can call me anything but please do not slander me or said things that I did not do nor receive. Guys at, go ahead with your postings, I am reading it like reading someo sort of comedy script. You guys have potential to be good novel writer.

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