Friday, 22 June 2012

My disgust for stingy and calculative people

Some people are just disgusting beyond words. They carry themselves horribly and have habits and behaviors that will make you just want to puke when you see their face. Some are so bad that when you see them from afar, you just want to avoid seeing face to face with them. However, the thing that brings the worst agony to us is when know that particular person is disgusting and yet we can’t avoid them.

The people that disgust me the most are the stingy and calculative ones. Like it or not, we all have a fair share of people around us that are like that. They also have the face that is as thick as the Great Wall of China when you hinted to them that they are stingy and calculative. They also have this kind of mentality that you owed it to them to help them or buy them meals but they don’t think they have to do anything for you. Sometimes, not even a word of “thank you” will be uttered by them after you’ve done them a favor. To these people, even five cents is as big as a bullock cart wheel.

Around me, there are a few people that I’ve known for years yet they never ever buy me a meal or say thank you when I did something for them. Once or twice is fine but after sometimes, I just feel very disgusting when I see their thick face. Some of them even have the nerve to say: “eh….you makes so much money so you should buy us meals” when they themselves are making a lot of money too.

I also have an ex colleague that is so famous in the office for being calculative, even with her subordinates. We have part way for a long time but every time when her name was mentioned, people will not miss the remark that she calculate even one cent. Those were the days when Bank Negara still issues one cent coins. When I had a lunch with some colleagues last week, they said she is still the same, as calculative as ever and she has no friends in office.

I have also seen parents and siblings that are calculative and stingy with one another to the extent that when they meet during Chinese New Year, each has to bring their own beer or wine to drink and pay for the meal. There is no such thing as I treat you and you treat me in return. There are also siblings that stay together in the same house but each have to buy their own tea and coffee, keep it in their own storage for their own consumption. Their rule is: you consume yours, I consume mine. I have also seen husband and wife that are calculative with each other even to a few dollars. Sometimes I wonder, is this call family members? What a joke!

Stingy and calculative people will not go far in their life’s undertakings and they also have very few or no friends at all. Things are meant to be shared. We also have to give and take or else life is without meaning. I am glad that I have very generous parents and siblings, unlike some stingy and calculative ones that I see with my own eyes. Generosity begets generosity in return like the Chinese saying有舍才有得,无舍无德。

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