Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy Father’s Day

Time really flies fast and once again, it is time to say Happy Father’s Day again to my dad and all dads. As early as yesterday, my siblings have been reminding one another to send SMS to dad to send our wishes to him for failing to do so will result in being reprimanded by my mom.

If there is a contest about the best father in the world, I would say my dad is the best and he is also the role model of all fathers. Besides being the best husband to my mother, my father is also the most responsible father on earth that make sure everything at home is being take care off and we children gets the best of everything.

He is a quiet person with high mind and deep convictions. However, when he sees something that is not right, his scolding can be louder than thunder. My father is very particular about my education and no expenses are spared when it comes to me acquiring knowledge from piano lessons to painting classes and of course, books. Whatever that I asked for, I will have it.

Among us, I am his favorite and my mom always said that I am spoiled by him but I think I do get a fair share of canning from him, especially when it comes to my examination results. The most important of all, he is different from other dads of his generation, he never discriminate his children between sons and daughters. To him, all are his broods and reserved the best.

I would like to take this opportunity to say, Thanks a lot, daddy, for everything.

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