Friday, 29 June 2012

Find out the root cause of rising crime rates in Malaysia

Every day when my mother calls me, she will never fail to ask me to be careful when I am driving alone or when I go to The Curve. She knew that I will usually spend my evening at a Chinese tea shop in The Curve, something that I had been doing almost daily whenever I am in Malaysia. And each time when my dad reads about certain crime in the Klang Valley, he will ask my mom to call me and asked me to take care.

I am lucky that I’ve never meet any untoward incident regarding my safety but I’ve heard too much from friends, seen some with my own eyes and read too much. However, I never feel safe when I am walking, even a short distance with my handbag in Malaysia. Sometimes I would rather put my wallet in my pocket instead of carrying a handbag. When my driver is not driving me, I will usually use some newspapers to cover my handbag which I never put at the passenger seat. Another thing that I will not do is to carry my laptop around with me unless I really need to.

It is not only in Klang Valley that we hear someone got robbed but also in small towns around Malaysia. What really concern me are not the differences of statistics given by the Home Minister in Parliament but why people are committing crime. What makes them do so? What is the root of the problem? In order to combat crime, we need to address the problem of why these people commit the crime at the first place and then solve it. If we don’t do this, the problem is never going to end and Malaysians will never feel safe.

How many policemen do we need if we are to place them at all traffic light junctions where smashing of window is common? How many CCTVs and security guards are needed to be placed at car parks to ensure everyone’s safety? How many police kiosks are needed if we are going to put policemen in front of banks where snatch thieves often take place? How much can the media do? Do we have the resources to do all these? Even we do, can we solve the problem? No, we can’t because the thieves will come up with new modus operandi and it will be a never ending cat and mouse game.

The existing law for thieves and robbers are too lenient and this also play a part in encouraging people. We should impose a stiffer penalty for those found guilty such as canning and at least 10 years of jail term. With heavy penalty, people will think twice before the commit the crime. Most important, the government needs to set up a commission to study the root cause to all these thieves and robbery problems.

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