Sunday, 13 May 2012

My thoughts on Mother’s Day

Daddy, Mummy and I at Zhangjiajie, Hunan recently. Circa 2012.

Everyday can be a Mother’s Day, not necessary have to be on this particular day. To me, each and every day is a day to celebrate for my mom, to show my love to her, buy her gifts and to do everything for her. Not just once a year that on this particular day that we think on mummy and pay all tributes to her. I would say we should do all these every day.

My mom is an easy going and happy go lucky person. Her forte is not in cooking or household chores but manage my daddy’s business and us. She is a businesswoman by nature and she can count money faster than the teller machine. She would give us the best of everything but she won’t spoil us. My mom and I spoke to one another everyday even when I am overseas. My family is a very closely knit family. My mom is the kind that do not want anything from her kids except excellence in education, excel in everything that we does and stay close to her and daddy.

Sometimes I also wonder why the world celebrates Mother’s Day with bigger huh hah than Father’s Day. Doesn’t father contribute as much too?

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