Tuesday, 22 May 2012

My outlook over the years (Part 2)

In the peaceful surroundings of Tanjong Jara Resort, I sat alone facing the mighty South China Sea and started reminiscing the past ten years of my life. It has been a good ten years abundance of experiences and personal growth. I have changed from a carefree fresh graduate looking for a place on earth to someone already assured of my path and career. The biggest change in life would probably be my status of married instead of single.

Married life does not really change my lifestyles, ambitions and attitude but there are no doubt of extra responsibilities as someone’s spouse, someone’s in laws and etc. It is not easy. My carefree schedules while single had changed and more planning are required before leaving KL for the weekend or for as long as I wish. Consultations need to be done to fix into his schedules and my need to travel for holidays. Coaxing and horse trading has to be applied at times. I married a man that does not like to travel besides going to my hometown and is very bad at photography, totally my opposite in this sense. His travel is like a once a blue moon affair and has to be planned way ahead. 

Workwise, I would say everything has changed for great compared to the first few rocky years when I entered workforce first as political secretary and then political researcher. I no longer throw any thoughts for office politics, having seen too much or probably as a politician myself. There are more to achieve beyond the horizon rather than wasting time with petty and nonsense stuffs.

My hobby has also changed to less outdoor activities these days. Golf, horse riding and skiing has been replaced with tea drinking and collecting Chinese collectibles but of course my love for books and travelling remains. I have also had this habit of having a reading material with me all the time. I no longer waste time to chat while doing foot reflexology or while having my hair cut or while waiting for someone.

I have also traded fashion for durability. Gone were my fashionable watches, shoes, handbags and etc. that are based on trends. I tend to settle for one brand these days once proven its durability. Some bark at its price but if you calculate it, the end of the day, you will save more. Window shopping is also something of the past. Call me boring in this sense, yeah, that is me.

Probably the only thing that never changes in me is my attitude, my character and my liking for good food and good company. The Chinese have a saying that “江山易改,本性难移” (An empire can be changed but one’s character is hard to change). I am still the same person that call a spade and spade, vocal, aggressive and I still don’t take no for an answer despite offending people at times. When it comes to this, some said I still didn’t learn from the past but that is my principle.

What will my next ten years be? I don’t think I will change much although my favourite quote is – the only thing that never changes is that everything changes, from I Ching (易经).

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