Friday, 11 May 2012

My Chairman Mao statue finally....

The statue of Chairman Mao near his childhood home at Shaoshan, Hunan. My broken one is a 3 and 1/2 ft replica of this.

After my last blog went online, about the broken Chairman Mao statue and the attitudes of the staffs of China Southern Airlines, Mr Lim called me two days later and said that they will pay me the amount that I spent for the statue. (A copy of the blog and complain was sent to the airlines’ CEO in China). Ah…I thought these people need to be pressed from top to do something or my case will be left rotten….or like the Chinese like to say “make big issues small and then small issues into nothing”. Nothing for my loss? No way!!

Days passed without a word how they will pay me except that their agent will call me. Pissed off of waiting, I called a moment ago and to my astonishment, a lady from the other end said that they had managed to buy a same statue in China and are sending it to Malaysia. I should get it by Tuesday (15 May). Did I hear it wrongly? Honestly, I am sceptical. (Too much of rubbish from them) At first they said it is money, now it is statue. Yes, it is the statue.
Well, let’s see what will happen on Tuesday whether it is the same statue, same material and most importantly, same size. I don’t want to be getting a 1 ft high statue and said that is my compensation. 


  1. So, did they really buy the same statue with the same height and deliver to you? :-)

    1. They bought a new one exactly the same. But that is also after a very ugly conversation where in the in I threatened them, if you don't deliver the statue, you all will be history. When you talk to these kind of people who don't talk sense, you need to talk differently.

    2. I 100% agree. Some people just prefer a very different way of communication in order to have the message get "into" them. ;-)

      Good to know that you finally got the original statue you wanted. :-)