Friday, 4 May 2012


Before I write more about other things about my recent stay in China, I would like to start on with this - that is workers and leaders at China Southern Airlines do not respect Chairman Mao and hence do not respect Chinese Communist Party and its leaders.
During the last leg of my stay in China, I visited Hunan Province, the home province of Chairman Mao Zedong and many other leaders of China. I went to the Chairman’s hometown in Shaoshan. Shaoshan is a holy place to the Chinese Communist Party and the people of China. Thousands of people throng this place every day. I was even told that all subsequent leaders of China after Chairman Mao have to pay a visit to this place at least once. There is even a huge bronze statue of Chairman Mao near his childhood home.

As usual with all places in China, there are stores all around the area selling statues of the Chairman and I end up with a statue of the Chairman about 3 and 1/2 ft tall that looked like the big bronze statue. Then the statue was carefully packed in a box. After visiting Shaoshan, we went on to visit other places of interest in Hunan before returning to KL. All the while, the statue of the Chairman was treated with due respect on a front seat of our bus that took us to many other places in Hunan.

At the Changsha airport, China Southern Airlines baggage check in counter, I opened the box to show the staff of China Southern Airlines that it is a statue of the Chairman and it is fragile. After that, my father and I took the box to the packing section of the airport and further wrapped it with plastic and plastic ropes.

Then we went back to the check in counter and said to the staff that it is fragile and please put more fragile stickers around the box. I even asked him that he can be sure it will not be broken, he said YES, it is alright to pack like this and with his stickers, it will be FINE. All in all, he sticks 6 fragile stickers around the box – front, two sides, and back.

Well, with these stickers, I am sure even the one with eyes side problem can see that it is a very fragile item. From Changsha, we change flight at Guangzhou. Back to KLIA, I retrieved my precious statue from the conveyer belt and from what I saw of the box and the sound that came out from inside, I knew it was broken.

My friend, whom my luggage was checked in under his name (we did a group check in) and I straight away walk with the box to the luggage complain office in KLIA. The helpful staff from Malaysian Airlines tried to call the staff of China Southern but to no avail. Then they offered to help. They took some pictures of the whole broken box with all fragile stickers. Then we opened the box and retrieved the broken statue. I left the whole thing to the MAS staffs to be passed to staffs of China Southern Airlines. There is no point taking home a broken statue.

Well, the next day till about 4pm, nobody from China Southern Airlines call me about the broken statue. Then I made a call, the person in charge of broken baggage, a Mr Lim was on leave. I left a message for him to call me. He did not. Two days later, I call again; Mr Lim is again on leave. The person on the other line, a male, said I should call back again when Mr Lim is back. Excuse me, from customer service point of view, should he call me or I call him, I asked the man.

Meanwhile, that stupid man that I never get to know his name try to “solve” my problem by saying that he knew about my case BUT HE HAD NOT SEEN THE BOX AND THE STATUE. I told him about the fragile tag and what the staff at Changsha told me. I also told him that I am very angry. AND THAT STUPID STAFF SAID MY STATUE COULD BE BROKEN DURING TURBULENCE!! Then I told him that if it is turbulence, the box would not have broken like this and if he thinks this is the first time I am flying. From my experience of flying around the world, this is the work of someone throwing the box!! TURBULENCE MY FOOT!!! AND THEN HE SAID HE SAW THE RED BOX!!! JUST NOW HE SAID HE HAD NOT SEEN THE BOX AND NOW HE SAID HE HAD SEEN IT! WHAT A UTTTER LIAR!! That was episode one.

The next day Mr Lim called me. This time he said that I took my luggage out in Guangzhou and could have broken the statue. AGAIN MR LIM THINKS THAT IT IS MY FIRST TIME FLYING!! Connecting flights on the same airlines do not require you to take your luggage at the next airport. You only take it at your final destination. I said to Mr Lim, I have 22 witnesses to go to court to tell you that we do not take our luggage at all at Guangzhou. Then he said he will investigate. WHY ALL CHINA SOUTHERN STAFFS ARE LIKE THAT – THINKING THE CUSTOMERS ARE ALL STUPID IDIOT PEOPLE??

Now episode three, Mr Lim asked for receipt for that statue. In China, tell me where can you get receipt when you buy stuffs at normal stores? I AM THINKING HAS THIS MR LIM SET FOOT IN CHINA BEFORE AND BUY SOMETHING?? I told him I do not want any money, I want the statue exactly the same. They can get it from China easily. It is not about money, it is the statue of the Chairman that matters. He said he will talk to his boss. Where is his boss?

Nobody from China Southern Airlines has come back to me since then. So to say, Chairman Mao is not important to them and it is not a matter of urgency to settle it.


P/s: For record, in 2009, I had similar experience with Malaysian Airlines. It was also a statue of Chairman Mao that was broken by them when I flew from Beijing back to KL. Malaysian Airlines just asked how much is it and pay on the spot and apologise. NOBODY FROM CHINA SOUTHERN HAD EVER UTTER A WORD OF “SORRY”

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