Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Bersih, Bersih and Bersih – Enough is enough of BN

When I say enough is enough about Bersih, what I mean is I am having enough of BN, of police’s brutality and agent provocateur planted by the government towards any peaceful protest and assembly in downtown Kuala Lumpur. As a MCA member that is part of the ruling coalition, I am supposed to follow the official line of my party but this round, my judgement and patience is really tested.

Although I am not there for Bersih 3.0, there are many friends who was there and their statement is totally different from the statement by the government. What a big joke is when our Home Minister said that police acted professionally. The whole world is laughing at this. Come on Keris Hisham – do you think Malaysians these days are still the old Malaysians that you can fool?

There are also similar Bersih 3.0 protests running concurrently at many locations around the world. Why all those protests done outside Malaysia went on smoothly without any untoward incident? The answer is simple, the police there really acted professionally by allowing people to have peaceful assembly and do not do anything to harm the protestors. Police and protestors work together to ensure everything is alright. My friends in Melbourne, where there was Bersih 3.0 protest in Federation Square in Melbourne CBD, told me about their fun and pride singing Negaraku and doing something that is right for their beloved country – Malaysia. They just want transparency.

In Malaysia, what happened? From 1998 when Anwar was sacked as Prime Minister until today, 14 years later, I have never seen a peaceful protest in downtown KL. What usually started as a peaceful and carnival like walk around downtown KL will always end up with water cannon and tear gas. Is it the fault of the protestors who turned ugly or police who provoked them first? My friends who are not aligned to any political party who attended Bersih 3.0 said about agent provocateur and police turned violent. So now, who turned violent?  Keris Hisham, can you and your professional police please explain?

I can still remember when the government hiked the petrol price by 70 over cents per litre in 2008 despite Abdullah the liar denying that there will be a hike for many times, there was peaceful protest in KLCC on a Friday where my office is located. I saw for my own eyes how a peaceful protest turned into small riot when police turned violent first, not the protestors that turn violent. The rest is black history in Malaysia.

Ah Jib Kor, do you notice the number of Chinese and Indians that turn out at this time’s protest? They are those that usually stay at home to avoid trouble. But why they turn up on that day? Majority of them are not aligned to any political party such as my friends. They turn out because they are pissed off with your government. There are many things that are remain murky and these people just want transparency. Not only transparency in elections but also deals involving government linked companies and contracts given out. They want Bersih in everything.

Ah Jib Kor, you said you have done many for Malaysians and you want Malaysians to give you a good mandate in the coming election but let me tell you, what you have done all the while have gone into the drain because of how your government react to Bersih 3.0. All your walkabout, your donations here and there, your Bantuan Rakyat Malaysia and all that you have done is useless. You can be assured that the votes from Klang Valley will go into the hands of PR. Your dream of taking back Selangor will remain just a dream.

Ah Jib Kor, why nobody tell you to just forget about planting agent provocateur and forget about tear gas and water cannon and also do not do anything to reporters? Or your message that meant peaceful to your cousin the Home Minister and the police were listened wrongly? If yes, please sack your cousin and those responsible. You should just ask the police to give mineral waters and flowers to the protestors and urge them to disperse. If you do that, I can assure you that you win the day, not Ambiga and PR. I can also assure you that you will win big in the coming General Elections.

You should know by the rule of thumb that reporters and cameraman from the media must not be disturbed to do their duty. Ah, what happened to your promise of freedom of press and also freedom of peaceful assembly? Is it your cousin Hisham forget that you mentioned such things before?

Ah Jib Kor, how now? Even I, your supporter am now saying enough is enough of BN. Bersih has turned into Kotor BN.

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