Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Away to China

Dear readers and followers of my blog, I was away from Malaysia for Spring in China (not to be mistake for Arab Spring) for a few weeks and therefore have no time and good internet access to blog from there. Facebook is banned in China and I have bear to make do without Facebook.

To access to is another nuisance that take ages to load, thanks to the recent nationwide firewall blockade done by the Chinese authority towards foreign blogging site due to the case of the infamous Bo Xilai and the blind blogger lawyer Chen Guancheng who had taken refuge in the US Embassy in Beijing.

Of course, I have plenty of stories to share about my adventures in China that had taken me to Beijing and many other places. However, coming back, it is all about Bersih, Bersih and Bersih as if nothing else happened in Malaysia ever since Saturday, April 28 except Bersih.

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