Friday, 23 March 2012

Stupid salesman & very stupid sales talk

This morning, at around 10 am, I received a call from an unknown number. The conversation was like this in Bahasa Malaysia.

Me: Hello

Salesman: Pagi, ini Miss Loo ke? (Good morning is this Miss Loo)

Me: Yes

Salesman: Saya XXX dari syarikat insuran XXX ingin menawarkan kepada Miss Loo Personal Accident Insurance kepada Miss Loo. Insuran ini coveragenya satu juta ringgit. Jika Miss Loo ada accident, patah kaki ke, patah tangan ke, semua ada cover. Kalau Miss Loo mati, duit 1 juta ini kami akan bagi kepada keluarga Miss Loo. (I am XX from XXX Insurance Company would like to offer you Personal Accident Insurance. The total amount insured is RM 1 million. When Miss Loo have accident, broken arms or legs, it is all under cover. If Miss Loo die, the money will go to Miss Loo’s family members)

Me: Lagi (what’s more)?

 Salesman: Kalau Miss Loo tak mati kami akan bayar itu bil perubatan untuk patah tangan ke, kaki ke dan macam macam lagi. Untuk biasa punya sakit, ini insuran tak cover. Untuk coverage ini Miss kena bayar setiap bulan …………………………(If Miss Loo don’t die, we will pay for your medical fees in case you have broken arms or legs dan many more. But for normal sickness, this insurance don’t cover. For this coverage, Miss have to pay every month……………)

 And I just hang up the phone.

 This is the second time I got this kind of phone call early in the morning. My brother has it once. I just can’t take it anymore. Early in the morning say things like you die, you have broken legs or arms. What kind of training that these people get from their insurance company? What a shame to their company! Even if you are desperate for sales, this kind of calls should not be made in the morning. Who like to listen to this in the morning even the insurance coverage is meant for good?


  1. I have been to several sales meetings where the sales managers will pound their fists on table to demand for better sales results. Often they will end up uttering some profound like "I don't care how you do it BUT you better show me the results I want or else !"
    Have heart, that poor guy must have been grilled by his boss recently ;)

    1. They must have a professional standard script in order not to make the wrong call at the wrong time and say the wrong thing that make people fumm. I pity the company with the sales manager that loves to say "I don't care how you do it BUT you better show me the results I want or else !"