Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The state of our security

I saw something interesting while driving through BHP Mutiara Damansara so I made a drive into its compound to have a closer look. I took this picture at 12.40 am. I was late because I went out for dinner and movies with my god mother and a friend. A picture tells a thousand of words. The petrol station is not close. It is operating 24 hours. Obviously this shows that the state of our security is bad. If not why would they lock up like this?
Robbing of petrol station or its customers is something common. Almost every petrol station that operates 24 hours have one at least one experience of robbery in them. My parents run a petrol station in my hometown that is open for business 24 hours. For the 19 years that they run that station, we already experienced two robberies and many attempt robberies but of course we do not lock the main door the way this BHP station does.

Besides that, small theft is also very common. Let me list down things that people steal from the petrol station compound - light bulbs in the toilet, whole roll of toilet paper, toilet paper container, water hose, manhole cover, steel based stuffs, toilet pump, cover for tank measurement ruler, air pumping tubes, fire extinguisher, little sign boards bearing the word “sedang dibaiki (under maintenance)”, banners and many more with the popular one being the manhole cover and fire extinguisher. One fire extinguisher costs around RM 130 - RM150.

Everything inside the store is a target, from engine oils to chocolates and sweets. Don’t blame petrol station workers when they refused to lend fire extinguisher because there are too many lies that they do not know which is true. For a missing extinguisher, the workers have to fork out their own money to replace a new one.

Workers need to know how much is a fire extinguisher is worth to avoid the incident that happened at Jalan Tun Razak some years ago. A young man wanted to borrow a fire extinguisher from the nearby BHP Petrol Station workers to help a woman trapped in a burning car but the workers refused. He even offered to buy a fire extinguisher but was rejected. That incident is a very sad one. But if the workers were well informed, the poor woman won’t die.

Can our police do something? How to be a world class police if things are going on like this dear Tan Sri Ismail Omar?


  1. My friend's petrol station has theft of car battery! God knows how stealing car batt could escape d eyes of his staffs

    1. Hey Hong Ling, got a book about you at KLIA MPH on my return from China recently. :)