Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Malaysia’s famous and infamous sons in laws

Last week, Chinese dailies reported that Andy Lau was interested in holding Permanent Resident (PR) status in Malaysia to bring up his baby girl in Malaysia to avoid paparazzi in Hong Kong. Andy is married to former Malaysian beauty queen Carol Chu. Both of them have been together for many years but the relationship on surfaced not long ago when Carol’s father passed away.
You are most welcome Andy. You are the famous son in law of Malaysia that we are all very proud of. Your songs and movies touch the hearts of millions around the world, including me. I grew up listening to your songs and watching your movies. Your song “我是世界第一等 (I am the best in the world)” in my native Hokkien is always an inspiring song.
Before you, Malaysia does have another famous son in law but he is famous for doing all the wrong thing when his father in law was the Prime Minister of Malaysia and he is still doing wrong things off and on now. He is not like you because you cheer people with your talent in the entertainment arena while he only made people upset and that’s why he is so infamous now.
He had wanted to be Prime Minister before the age of forty and he controls the gate of his father in law’s office and residence. Andy, I hope you are not like him to control any gate because that caused his and his father in law’s downfall from grace. He made his father in law the worst Prime Minister in Malaysia’s history.  Just in case you are not too familiar with Malaysia’s politics, I tell you that his name is Khairy Jamalluddin. Mention his name to Malaysians, many will tell you how disgusted they are with him and Khairygate.
If I would compare the both of you, I think you will be a better Prime Minister than this so called Oxford graduate. Besides that, you are handsome while he looks like a gangster in town. Hmm…maybe you can recruit him as supporting actor if you plan to make a movie about gangsters. He fits perfectly well.
I trust you will take good care of Carol and your baby and I wish you all happiness forever.

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