Monday, 12 March 2012

In Defense of Jessie Ooi 黄糩璊

Enough is enough! Either you agree or disagree with me; enough is enough about Jessie Ooi. What she said and asked during the February 18 debate between my party president and DAP Secretary General was not wrong but the wrong part is how she asked the question. I disagree with her on that but at any heated moment; I don’t blame her for her outburst. No female Pakatan Rakyat leaders had the outburst that is worse than her? Ask Theresa Kok.

I just don’t understand why for such a small thing, she got flaks almost daily from all corners. This is a small matter compared to Hew Kuan Yaw telling MCA President “pok kai ham ka chan”. Her outburst is so small compared to the outburst of Pakatan Rakyat leaders when they hammer BN.
It is even smaller compared how Namewee 黃明志 with all his F words when he hammer the government and BN about things that he disagree. Search on YouTube for Namewee and I can hardly find his records that are without using vulgar words. Let me ask again, has Jessie Ooi used vulgar words?
The past is past. So, please stop all attacks on her on YouTube (which are very insulting) and any other forms. Please stop giving her names such as Miss Tow Truck. She doesn’t deserve all these.

P/S: Although we are comrades, I have never met face to face with Jessie Ooi but we spoke over the phone twice. I know very little of her. I come out in defense of her because as a female, as a person involved in politics and as her comrade; I knew how bad it is and I just felt she doesn’t deserve all these. I knew because I have been through the attacks but it only made me stronger.


  1. Jadryn, she was attacked because she did not think before opening her mouth. There are millions of things that she could have spoken about but she choose something that is so trivial and nonsensical that everyone can see right through her motives. I am sure you know the saying: It's better to make your absence felt rather than your presence noticed. I hope she is happy now that she is infamous :)

    1. Whether she think or she don't, she don't deserve this kind of treatment. Many politicians from both side of the divide do not think when they speak. And by all means leave her family out of politics. Take a look at this : . This is too much. By the way, her political career is over.