Thursday, 8 March 2012

Good holiday in Malaysia

Early last month, I have a group of friends from Melbourne in Kuala Lumpur for a 4 days visit en route to Vietnam. They are of Vietnamese origin but grew up in Melbourne. After spending about 6 weeks in Vietnam, they are back to Melbourne. It is their first visit to this country.

My friend, Hong, gave me a ring yesterday telling me that they have a great time in Vietnam and Malaysia and they just miss everything here; the people, the shopping, the sceneries and most of all, the food. It is great to hear that they are coming back again for a visit next year and this time they are going to spend at least two weeks in Malaysia.
They are very happy with the their driver in Malaysia recommended by my driver, Encik Nik who gave his extra service and offered to bring them to more places than originally planned. It was also great of him to introduce them for a ride on the monorail to see Kuala Lumpur – something that I never think I will suggest to my visiting friends. (Have that in my mind, will do that in future) It turns out to be a good way to see the skyline of KL.

They love all the food outlets that Nik and I brought them to. As they requested for outdoor dining, I brought them to Wong Ah Wah Restaurant at Jalan Alor famous for its roast chicken wings and seafood. They also love the durian. We end up having real good Musang King at Gohtong Jaya. However, I think Genting Highlands has become too crowded for a nice holiday.

Travelling with them also gave me an opportunity to see Kuala Lumpur from a tourist’s point of view instead of the daily traffic jam to the city center and scheduling appointments around the traffic rush hour that I knew. All in all, I would say KL is a good place for a few days visit and Tourism Ministry has done a good job.

The parting word from Hong was: “I wish we would have spent more days in Malaysia.” Well, you guys are always welcome. There are plenty more nice places to visit in Malaysia. Bring along Rachel next round. Looking forward to catch up with you guys again when I am in Melbourne this June/July.

You guys made me so proud of Malaysia. Thank you.

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