Wednesday, 16 May 2012


He is Ravchandran A/L Suppiah a.k.a. Ravi, 47, IC No: 650909-05-5367. His known address is 99, Jalan PJU 10/14J, Saujana Damansara, Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

He used to be the head of security guard at Surian Condominiums, Mutiara Damansara where I am currently staying. He was removed from his duty on 6th March 2012 by the management and the security company that he was attached to.

The reason for his removal was his actions that caused to the compromise of the securities of residents of Surian Condominiums. Starting from around a year ago, he went around borrowing money from residents and even cleaners and gardeners working in this place. Many residents felt became his victim included me. His final act that got him booted out was he went into the house of one of the residents and got caught.
He came to my house one day about a year ago and said that his wife is in serious condition in hospital and he needs some money to save her life. Shocked, YH and I did not think twice before parting the money in order to save a life. He then promised to pay monthly. He lied. His wife was never in hospital. I started intensively to get my money back when he failed to pay us back monthly as promised. He made one lie after another, even to the extent that his company gave his a bounced check for his bonus.

I felt something fishy and I went to the management office and spoke to the manager and later spoke to the boss of the security company that he is attached with. All his lies and past records just came out like water gushing down from waterfall.
Many residents started to come out to share how he tells lies to them and how much they were owed. It ranged from RM 8000.00 to RM 50.00. We all believe that they are still more that not yet come out to point him. A few police reports were made against him. He is being barred from entering the compound of Surian Condo.

Now residents are wondering how they can get their money back from him. Some seek my counsel. One way best way to get the money from him is to go to his house and pressure him to pay. I went to his house last week and spoke to his wife, Jayamary. She promised to pay by 13th March. I hope she kept her promise.
Except for this this con man, all other security guards in Surian Condo do their jobs well. The management office are also doing their best to help the victims. Thanks to Mr Ronnie and Miss May.

I learnt my lesson. Never lend money to anyone anymore no matter what is the story. The reason I share this is because I do not want anyone fall into his trap again in future. He may found another job and start his modus operandi again at the new place. The next victim may be you because I know us all fellow Malaysians are nice people that do not hesitate to help. So, just remember this name. If I can get a photo of him, I will put it here.

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