Monday, 5 March 2012

Are you happy with your boss?

Since my return from Melbourne early this year, I have been meeting with more friends than usual for lunches and dinners to get their sentiments on current issues. Most of them are ex colleagues while some are university mates, bankers and even journalists. Only a few are self-employed or rich housewife. As usual with salary earners, around the first quarter of the year, the topic of conversation will always be about your last Christmas, bonus or job changing.
I noticed my friends are very hostile about their bosses this time around and the word “cut” just kept repeating. Commission cut, salary cut, bonus cut, headcount cut, budget cut and many more cuts. One company even worse, budget cut for pantry usage. What? Yes, the excuses used are almost the same; unstable world economy even though the company is making money.
None of them have good feelings about their boss, their boss’s boss and the whole management of their company. My working friends are not working for SMEs or unknown companies. They are with MNCs. Most of them felt that their boss is selfish and not fighting for them while they are working like cow day and night. One friend even said “at least cows get a rest at night but we still have to rush out things”. Majority felt that their boss should just get off and they think they can be better bosses.
Hmm…I can just count my blessings but I am also worried. Discontent among the working class can lead to revolutions. We have plenty of examples to see.  History will always repeat itself. Communism is making its way again after people are sick of capitalism? Carl Marx is back in fashion? Who knows?
Ps: I am happy with my boss at work. It is true, because the boss is myself.  LOL !!

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