Saturday, 3 March 2012

Anti Lynas Fracas in Penang: Perkasa behind it?

I don’t think I need to elaborate further what happened in Penang last Sunday during the anti Lynas demonstration. Photos, blogs and comments are aplenty in the cyberspace.
However, what seemed interesting to me is reading today’s The Star reporting that Penang Malay Congress Secretary criticized Penang Wira Perkasa for bringing the peaceful gathering into disrepute. He added that Perkasa chief Datuk Ibrahim Ali should look into the matter and take disciplinary action against those involved.
So, Perkasa is the culprit? If not, the Penang Malay Congress won’t simply accuse them and I am sure they have plenty of proof before making such statement. If the Penang Malay Congress is wrong, I challenge Perkasa to sue them.
What happened in Penang is really ugly. It heralded a new trend to gangsters associated with political party in Malaysia and uses their fists to solve problems rather than the civil way. Matter can be worse if racial sentiment is being politicalized in this incident where Malays clashes with Chinese (majority of those at the gathering are Chinese while the one that started the fight are Malays).
The racial fault line between the Chinese and Malay in this country is threatened. We do not want to see another May 13. With Perkasa around to stir the sentiments, I think May 13 can happen again. Every conversation about anti Lynas in Penang among my friends and I turn out to be them asking me or one another why the Malays beat the Chinese, no longer about the danger of Lynas plant.
Datuk Ibrahim Ali should be questioned by police and if indeed there is enough proof, he should be charged in court. We have enough of Perkasa – the spoiler of racial harmony in this country. Why not goverment ban Perkasa and punish the culprits?

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