Thursday, 23 February 2012

Songs that I can't listen without vivid memories of something

I am sure each of us has at least one song that we can’t listen without vivid memories of something that happen throughout the course of our life. And it can make us happy and sad.
For Condoleezza Rice, the former Secretary of State of US, she wrote in her book No Higher Honour that she can’t listen to Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” without vivid memories of the campaign trail with President Bush. Or for my ex-boss Chow Kon Yeow, he once said that each time he listen to the Hokkien song “要拼才会赢 (You have to go all the way to win)”, he will have the memories of his first election campaign and success in 1990.
For me, I actually have four songs that I can’t listen with vivid memories of things that I had gone through in life. The first one is “明天会更好 (Tomorrow will be better)” that was sung by members of the Chinese community in Auckland and I during a fund raising dinner for Prime Minister Helen Clark. Till today, whenever I listen to that song, the memories of Helen Clark holding our hands while we sang that song and the standing ovation by the crowd will emerge clear although that was almost ten years ago.
The second one is the soundtrack of Disney’s Aladdin, the Oscar winning “A whole new world”. A man that I knew at work sent me that song as the attachment in his e-mail asking me to be his girlfriend and he promised me a whole new world together with him. He was very determined but I was unmoved then. He did many things just to have me. He will send roses every alternate day despite me telling him I dislike fresh flowers and all the roses that he sent will end up at the rubbish bin the moment it arrives on my desk. I just can’t forget his foolishness each time I hear that song. Till today he still wishes to be with me. Real foolish man!
The third song is “康定情歌 (The love song from Kangding)”. I went to Kangding which is situated in Sichuan province, China many years ago. The road there from Chengdu was horrible but very rewarding with beautiful sceneries. Kangding was like paradise on earth, so tranquil and quiet and a place where grasslands with daffodils rolled for miles and miles. I do not know how that song became “the song” for me but it just struck. 
Finally, the song that will make me cry each time I listen to it. It used to be PC’s favourtite song because of its meaningful lyrics. During the days when we stay together in New Zealand, she will always play it and as time pass; I come to like it too. When I have first iPhone, I remember she helped me to put that song in it. That song is“以是古人来 (Appearance of someone from those days ) by Anita Mui.
But above all, my favourite song is Shanghai Bund by Francis Yip and Bolero by Ravel but these two songs won’t bring any vivid memories.  

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