Friday, 17 February 2012

No more cinemas in Malaysia soon?

Is PAS having the intention to bring us backwards towards pre civilizations lifestyle without any entertainment and celebrations because they think that all kind of entertainment and celebrations will lead to immoral activities such as free sex? Or they want to take us to become like Afghanistan when it was controlled by Taliban?
First they target entertainment activities such as calling for ban of certain international singers from singing in Malaysia and also ban of traditional Malay dances. Next, they want to ban celebrations not only Valentine’s Day but others too. From their statement that all public holidays will lead to free association and then free sex, I think maybe they want ban all kind of celebrations in Malaysia including National Day, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Labour Day and any public holidays.
Now, they want to ban cinemas in Malaysia. For a long time, cinemas does not goes well with PAS leaders and in PAS controlled state such as Kelantan, you have to watch movie in cinema with lights on. The latest call from PAS MP for Bangi for the ban of a cinema in his constituency is latest true colour of PAS that they intend to ban all cinemas in Malaysia!
Today, I start to think that even if Anwar and not someone from PAS becomes the next Prime Minister of Malaysia if Pakatan Rakyat captured Putrajaya in the coming General Elections, we will no longer see cinemas in Malaysia. Why? Based on Anwar’s silence so far, we know he is already a PAS’s “yes” man.
You think DAP will voice out their objection in favour of cinemas and other issues? From Lim Guan Eng and Lim Kit Siang’s silence on Valentine Day issue, you know they will continue to keep silence. Kit Siang is not someone that will keep quiet if he saw something that is not right or irked him. Yes, DAP managed to govern Penang well from what I saw in Penang and I gave my praise to them about it but on important national issues, they fail us.
I do wish for such a day to happen that fellow Malaysians and I can no longer enjoy movies in cinemas because they are no cinemas to go. What more, I believe fellow Malaysian and I do not wish to go backwards when the whole world is moving forward. Even the Afghans want to move forward! 

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