Friday, 10 February 2012

Hew Kuan Yau: Another mad man in town to join the sons of Ali

It seems like the sons of Ali, Datuk Hasan Ali and Datuk Ibrahim Ali have another person to join them in the mad men’s club. These two sons of Ali are well known in town for their mad ideas in the name of protecting Malays, Islam and Royal Institution and they behave as if they have got more than a few screws loose in his head.
Well, now they are joined by another person from another race whom everyone believes also has got more than a few screws loose in his head. He doesn’t claim to champion any rights but he is just as mad as the two sons of Ali because he like to use four letter words at every opportune and gave other people vulgar names.
The person is Hew Kuan Yau, the elections preparations publicity chief of DAP.
This time he had posted on his Facebook alleging that journalists who work together with Barisan Nasional are prostitutes. This is a terrible insult to journalists and he questioned their professionalism. No doubt there are journalists that are pro BN and some that are pro PR but in this country they are free to voice their view and it is not totally true that the press is controlled. He had probably forgotten that the journalists also play an important role that had helped DAP and PR to power.
When I was in DAP, I had good relationships with journalists from all newspaper and magazines even though I knew some of them are really pro BN. Some of them even wrote negative remarks about me but I never harbor any hard feelings against them. There are also some that always wrote positive reviews about me and even devoted two full coloured pages for my feature. I continue to be good to them even after I had moved to MCA. Some of these journalists become good friends even though they are pro PR.
Hew Kuan Yau had in the past during ceramah called our Tourism Minister “Nightclub Mummy”, called MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek as “soh hai” in Cantonese which means stupid cunt and also to call his family “pok kai ham ka chan” in Cantonese which means “dam to death your whole family”. He'd also called Rosmah " sei fei h**" (big cunt). Even though I do not quite like Dear Mama and have my equal share of dislike towards Ng Yen Yen, calling people with such names is just below dignity.  
I am very sure that this man who was previously Lim Kit Siang’s political secretary with PhD from Chinese University of Hong Kong is mad. Probably he had studied too hard for his PhD that resulted in mental disorder. Or as they Chinese like to say "sort pluck". A normal man in politics would not use vulgar words against opponents.
I wonder why no disciplinary action has been taken by the DAP against him? Double standard practice or DAP has turned into a party that can accept cursing by its leaders?  What will happen if someone curse Lim Kit Siang and his family with what Hew had cursed Dr Chua Soi Lek? I can tell you they will make the hell out of it. Or if you curse Lim Guan Eng, you'll probably be seeing him in court for defamation. 
Dear readers who are also voters, do you want to vote for the party that tolerates cursing of other people by its elections preparations publicity chief? If you bring your child along to attend DAP ceremah, don’t be surprise they will curse at home. Cursing is just not in our culture. Good speakers like Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nga Kor Ming (whom oratory skills I admire very much), Teng Chang Khim and many more from the DAP do not need vulgar words to draw thousands to their ceramah. 

You may the next target to be cursed “pok kai ham ka chan” if you choose not to vote for the DAP or PR.


  1. You don't talk shit. Using foul language is a small matter. But BN's corruption is a very serious matter.

    1. You don't talk something more smelly than shit, Selangor state was in your people hand, I gguaranteedyou corruption still go on, change the head, but the culture is still like shit, Khalid's Talam Corp case? Yeah, clean?
      If Anwar wasnot kicked out, he's the man that will nail you down now with ISA.

      WHY UBAH when you know the next one is equally or even worse, UBAH la, I mean USAH BAGI ANWAR HARAPAN.
      Why do people want a change in a country, if they see a bright future, when you know that you are merely jumping from one well to another, that is how big your world could be and how far can you go.

      It's still acceptable if foul language was used, but you cannot trying to legalise what the RBA do by cursing, you have no right to ask others' to go t poo hell, you have no right to ask Rosmah to buy her a coffin to sleep!

      Hell, don't you all believe what goes around comes around? The curse normally will hit back the one who initiated it. Time will tell.

      Also, please respect the bloggers, it's the place where write whatsoever they like reasonably, if you want to shit, shit elsewhere, not here, it's too smelly to have you here.

  2. I do agree with you that corruption is a very serious matter but using foul language is not a small matter either. Both are disgraceful acts.

  3. Ordinarily, foul language is disgraceful. However, in this case it's used to expose and highlight to the people the widespread and endemic corruption, abuse of power, cronyism, racism, and the sorry state of affairs the country is in due to mismanagement by UMNO/BN. For this, it should be tolerated.

    On the other hand, corruption and all the ills practiced by the UMNO/BN regime (especially UMNO)is not only disgraceful, but despicable and unforgivable. Hew Kuan Yaw's foul language in the course of exposing all these nonsense is a walk in the park compared to institutionalized racism advocated by UMNO (among one of its many ills), and its pretense of looking after the welfare of all Malaysians, while outsourcing to PERKASA to spew its dirty racist venom.

  4. If foul language requires disciplinary action, why Chua Soi Lek's sex scandal didn't deserve any displinary action?

    1. Don't forget to mention the heads of PKR and PAS. Chua is at least a man as he got balls to admit, Anwar?put sumpah aside, don't even have guts to go for a polygraph test while challenged and neither he could show the omega watch!
      Yes, chua soi lek shall go down and he will, but Anwar also, please.

  5. To me, his speech was stirring, entertaining, and fiery. It pretty sums up my frustration with the BN. Haters gonna hate; if they choose to see only the foul language and not the whole package/picture it painted, well what i can say.

    1. To me, his speech is in fact very entertaining, fun, but that's merely a talk show that the WWONGZI WAH from hk can do a millions times better job. I did take the whole package, it will definitely convinced me if everything he said was supported by solid evidence. But then NONE was shown, remember, news in newspaper is not an evidence, that's just the report of updates. Last but not least, it really to my surprise that the insight news from "reliable sources" can be trusted. Is the source from mouth of Anwar? Very funny.

      Its stupid enough if I still believe in them.