Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine Day to all my dear friends

This may be the last time all of us can celebrate this special day that dedicates our love to the person we love because if Pakatan Rakyat captured Putrajaya in the coming General Elections, they will ban this celebration.

The reason is simple, if PR captured Putrajaya, someone from PAS will be the Prime Minister of Malaysia with the support of DAP if PKR failed to get the majority seats. They have done this in Perak where they let someone from PAS to be the Menteri Besar and they are happy playing second fiddle.
From PAS’s record, they seem want to ban all concerts and celebrations held in Malaysia because they think it encourages free sex. PAS Youth Chief, Nasrudin Hassan in an interview with Philip Golingai of The Star said that all free association happens on public holidays even on Independent Day and that will led to free sex. What a statement!!!
So, should Independent Day and all public holidays including Chinese New Year, Christmas, Deepavali and others be banned when PR comes into power because free associations will happen on all these days and to PAS’s thinking, it will leads to free sex?

Make your choice today!

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