Friday, 17 February 2012

Anyone interested in buying Putrajaya ?

About 13 years ago, a man named Fadzil Noor, who was then President of PAS said that if one day PAS ever becomes the government of Malaysia, PAS will sell Putrajaya. He said that Putrajaya was a money wasting project and the money is better used for to build hospitals, schools, housing for the poor and many more.
Fast forward today, what an irony that we kept listening that Pakatan Rakyat which consists of PAS wants to capture Putrajaya, a place that they wanted to sell. Fadzil Noor is no longer around to answer us this question whether PAS still want to sell Putrajaya, so I will direct this question to his successor Hadi Awang.
So, do PAS still want to sell Putrajaya? PKR and DAP okay with selling it? Because I do remember not only PAS said it is a money wasting project, white elephant and so on, but Anwar and DAP do said so too.
If PR decided to sell it, I am sure many are interested to buy it but before that please let the rakyat to have a look inside all the government buildings and also the Prime Minister’s official residence. The rakyat want to confirm how many rooms are there in Seri Perdana because Dr Mahathir said that it was built for Anwar’s family. Also, the rakyat want to see the interior of what Dr Mahathir said of the “fourth floor” of the PM’s office during Abdullah’s administration. It is widely said that the “fourth floor” is the cause for Abdullah’s downfall.

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