Monday, 2 January 2012

Those days when we were in form four

More than a decade has passed since I was in form four but the memories of the class that I was in lingered on as if it was only yesterday. The class that I was in was the best class in school and its students were the crème de la crème of the school but all of us were mischievous and many things happened that worth a mention in this blog. Our class was situated near the headmaster’s office and we were noisy most of the time but we never got our punishment.

Even when teachers were teaching we will chat among ourselves or copy our homework rather than concentrating. However, with two teachers, Mrs Lim Siew Yong and Miss Tang Sook Kuan, we will suddenly change into obedient student and never dare to mess around because they were strict and will not hesitate to punish us. But other teachers but just turn a blind eyes on what we did even when the whole class was so noisy that we barely hear what the teacher was teaching.

Most of us do not to our home works at home but we will be in school very early in the morning and at the instance will turn into master copier. The speed that we copy was quick that once we joked that we were just minutes slower than Xerox. We will asked around who has finished which homework and will copy their work. After one has finished, the next one will copy and so on. When needed, two persons will copy their homework from the same exercise book to save time.

For history and Bahasa Malaysia, they will always copy my work while for Physics it will be from Mooi Yen NIen and Add Math from Lim Min Suet. Each person was strong in a particular subject. Alas, when one question is answered wrongly, the whole class will get it wrong. How can the teacher not know when copy from one another? For the teachers that were lenient, usually we will not be bothered to do the homework at all and they never punish us.  

We were also cooperative in many ways. Usually before the prefects were going to do a spot check on what we brought to school, they will inform us in advance. There are many things that we can’t bring to school such as novel and many more but our favourite was liquid paper.We will pool together all our “sinned” items and hide them away, usually at the cupboard or sometimes even at the rubbish bin in class.

Another thing during the spot check was about the amount of money we bring to school. We were restricted to only 5 ringgit but we never obey it. The only person in class that was allowed more than that amount was the treasurer of the class. We will write down in a piece of paper our name and the amount we have and then we will pass all our money to the treasurer.

Physics has always been a tough subject to us. We usually find that we do not have enough time to answer all the questions. During one of our semester exam, we plotted something to have longer time for the paper. One smart classmate came up with the idea of changing the time of the clock hanging in front of the class. We reasoned that the teacher who started the paper will not be the same as the one that will collect our paper at the end of the exam. So, one of us climb up to the clock and wind it 20 minutes earlier than the actual time. When it was one o’clock the actual time and the time for us to hand over the papers, we told the teacher than we started 20 minutes late and we will only finish at 1.20pm. The helpless teacher just can’t do anything.

Our favourite teacher was our English teacher Mrs Hope Ho ( I have not heard of her for a long time and I hope she is fine). She was funny and very animated when she taught. The whole class will pay full attention to her. One day we were talking about parents complaining that student’s school bags were too heavy. In an instant, she walked to Khor Wei Ling and checked her school bag.  She took out a dairy and some other things unrelated to school books and teasingly said, no wonder the school bags were so heavy and it is heavy not because of books but because of other things. We all burst out in laughter. All our school bags contain many other things more than school books. We had letters from pen pals (that was before the wide use of e-mail), novels, dairies, comics and others.

I do not know if you had such an interesting time in school before this but each time when I think of this, I can’t help laughing. How foolish we were but we were young at that time. Despite what we did, we all did well in our exams. Now, all of us have respectable jobs and some even have become mothers.

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