Sunday, 1 January 2012

One year since you left us..

It has been a year since you left us without any last word except for what you wrote personally in your will. My dearest friend and close confidant PG passed away on 2nd Jan 2011 after a short battle with brain cancer at 3.40pm Australia time. She has never surrendered to anything before this and this time, she conceded.
Knowing her since university days, I knew she still have many unfinished things to do and still have a lot of places that she has not visited. Our first meeting was when I represented the university in a inter university debate. After the debate, she walked to me and introduced herself. She said that she admired the way I debated the facts and my eloquence. At that time she was doing her PhD in Finance while I was a first year law student.

Since then, we became very close friends and we did many things together.The rest is history. Like all Greek dramas that end with tragedy, her life was full of achievements and tragedy at the end. While in university, she was dating an Englishman but her parents objected them being together for many reasons. He did suggest that they elope but she refused. She told me that she only has one father and mother and they worked hard to finance her study but as for boyfriend, she can find one again that they will approve of. They parted.

She left New Zealand for Hong Kong and worked as a shares and futures traders for HSBC. She was well known as a legendary trader for she never have any failed trade and she made a lot of money for herself and her clients. She stood up where her father falls.  Her father nearly went bankrupt during the Asia financial crisis for failed shares trading and vowed never to touch them again.

After a short stint in Hong Kong, she moved to Singapore so that she can be nearer to home. However, ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, she was in constant sorrow. She did have some boyfriends and some one night stands after that but none work out. She also turned to alcohols and when she can’t sleep, she took dozens of sleeping pills. She also smoked cigar.I constantly advised her not to that but how much can I do when we don't meet everyday.

In August 2010, she started to complain about nose bleeding and terrible headache and I accompanied her to meet the doctor. The test result and autopsy made me feel nauseated and weak. There is a lump as big as a golf ball in her left brain. Subsequently, she found a famous neurologist in Hong Kong and went there to remove the lump.
She was well after the surgery but she knows herself best and she probably knew the end is near. She took an indefinite leave from the bank, went back to KL and we spent plenty of times together and all these while never tell her parents about her sickness. I do not influence her to tell her parents about her sickness knowing her stubborn attitude. Once she has decided on something, no one can change it.

One day, she asked me to accompany her to the lawyer’s office and there she wrote her will and I have a copy of it.  She leave all her fortunes to her best friend but not her family members. I do not know why she does this but I guess she has some sort of unhappiness with her family regarding the Englishman. 

The last time we spoke to one another was on my 29th birthday with her calling from Melbourne. As if knowing something bad will happen, we spoke for nearly three hours, our longest ever. She lapsed into coma the next day and died two weeks later.
She is now resting peacefully in Nilai Memorial Park and her tomb was huge and elegant, befitting her status. The tree had fallen but the roots are intact. She may have gone but her legacy in trading lives on.

Till today, my heart ache whenever I saw or heard something that used to be related to her. All her friends miss her badly especially me who spoke to her over the phone almost daily. I seek counsel in her for everything and now I lost a good listener and adviser and I have not recover from it. I know you don't wish to leave us but rest in peace, friend. We will join one another again when the day come.

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