Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Japan Story Part 1: My hatred for Japan & Japanese

Many people, mostly the older generation who had been through WW II will still remember the cruelty of the Japanese. Not only that, these group of people, including the younger generation, especially from China still hate the Japanese for what they did. Every year, 13th December is marked with somber ceremony in Nanjing where the worst massacre of the Chinese took place. It is the Chinese version of Holocaust.

At the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Museum.

I never like Japan ever since I heard from my grandparents about their cruel treatment to the Chinese in China and to the people everywhere they conquered included Malaysia. I was very young at that time but I read as many book as I could about Japan and World War II. Iris Chang’s The Rape of Nanking is one of my favourite and I will read it over and over again.
I hate their cowardice for not admitting what they did during the war and until today, their cruelty. German can admit their mistake but why not Japan? I would not visit Japan even though opportunities exist during my university days. In New Zealand, I never mix with Japanese and view them with skepticism. I went to the extent that I do not to use Japanese goods whenever possible. Go to Japanese restaurant for a meal? Don’t ask me about it.  
In summer 2007, I was persuaded by my friend to visit Japan. I hesitated for a while. My parents and my younger brother had been there for the sakura that same year and told many wonderful stories about the people and the place. Then, I thought, why not? How long will we be there, I asked her. She replied that we will be there for 27 days and explained in details the places that we are visiting and I agreed with it.
No harm to go and see the country and the people that were once blood thirsty. There must also be something in them that that they build their country from the ashes of WW II to become the world second largest economy (before being overtaken by China). I insisted that we must go to Yaskuni temple. What is so special about it besides the memorial templates of some General died so many decades ago? So, off we went to Japan.
Main hall of Yasakuni Shrine where memorials of WW 2 criminals are placed.

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