Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Mrs Lim Siew Yong

Mrs Lim was my Add Math teacher when I was in form four and five. She was a dedicated teacher and very strict. As mentioned in my earlier blog, she is one of the two teachers that the whole class will be quiet when she is around. She will never hesitate to scold us if we are wrong and she was fierce. Once, while she was teaching, I was sitting on a very lazy position with half my body leaning 30 degree on the chair. Upon seeing that, she gave me a good lashing. She also knew that we copied our homework and she always caught us red handed because the whole class answered a question wrongly with the same answer from the whole class.

Those days, she was never popular. We find it very hard to keep us from falling asleep while she was teaching and we can’t wait for her session to finish. Once she is gone, we felt as if a fresh breeze blew into the class. The whole class dislike her and we used to talk bad about her during our gossip times. Add Math was my weakest subject and I hate it. We dislike each other so as my classmates like Cheong Yin Foon, Lim Siaw Wei and Chew Gaik Lan. Together with Khor Wei Ling, we were known as the troublemakers in the eyes of Mrs Lim.

We usually did badly in our semester Add Math tests and Mrs Lim was so worried that we will tarnish her reputation by failing Add Math during SPM. She was well known in school for being the only teacher that none of her student failed the subject she taught. She upholds the reputation for many years. God bless, none of us fail.

After I left school and went to university, I began to realize that she is actually a very good teacher. In fact, one of the best I ever had. She actually took the extra mile to make sure we understand the subject more than any other lecturer that I came across in university. During my semester break, I went home and I called her. We met up and I expressed my gratitude to her and apologized for the past. She was gracious.

To this day, we keep in touch. We will meet up whenever time permits. May God bless her and family members. Teacher, thank you for the best that you gave us and it remains in my heart forever.

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