Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Make shark fin illegal globally

I am moved by Wong Chun Wai’s decision that he will no longer consume shark fin soup. The Group Chief Editor of The Star wrote that in his On the Beat column on Sunday 22nd January. I applaud his decision and I hope that more people will join in to stop eating shark fin.
I used to be a fond lover of shark fin soup but I like the crab based gravy rather than the fin. I don’t find it anything special or nice to eat about the fins. It is tasteless and if overcooked, it is like chewing rubber bands in your mouth.

Morever, eating shark fin don't bring you any health benefit neither nor it has a meaning like "yee sang" that will bring you prosperity. We just kill innocent creature just to show off to guests that we can afford expensive food. What is the point ?
I had made the decision not to consume shark fin long time ago after watching a documentary on how cruel the sharks were slaughtered just for their fins. These days, I will still ask for my favourite shark fin gravy with crab meat but I will ask the chef to exclude the fins. When I have dinners or lunches to attend and if the menu consists of shark fin soup, I will just take the gravy but leave the fins alone. Well, I can't tell my host not to include shark fin soup in the menu.
According to Wong’s article, 70 million sharks were slaughtered a year for their fins and they are in peril of extinction.  Well, if global initiative is not taken, very soon we will only see sharks in pictures and museums.
I know my call will be unpopular to certain groups but I would like to ask the Malaysian government to take the lead in banning shark fin altogether in this country. Just make shark fins illegal as it is of drugs. Not only that, the government need to have strict enforcement or else the ban is useless as people will turn into smuggled fins. Public education is also important.
The effort of one country or certain groups and individuals are not enough. How much can we achieve? From my point of view, the United Nations should come into the picture as well to protect the sharks and made shark fin illegal globally.
We can always substitute real fins with artificial fins. They taste the same. Act before it is too late.

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