Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Life is never fair

Do you think life is fair? People say that God is fair and created everyone equally and later we are different because of our surroundings, education and attitudes. The above statement is not true at all. Life is never fair, even from day one that we were born.

Someone was born with silver spoon in their mouth while some were born into a family that can’t even make end meet. Some were born smart. They don’t have to study that smart yet they pass with flying colours. Some were born stupid. For the stupid one, even you give him the best teacher available, he won’t turn smart.

Some people were lucky that their business is doing well and the rich are getting richer while the poor either remain the same or poorer by the day. Some people were so lucky that the promoted in workplace event though everyone knew that this person does not deserve the promotion while some good worker were never promoted.

Some don’t have to work hard and yet money come to them easily while some who work hard their entire life still not living the good life they imagine? Even among siblings, some were parent’s loved ones while some are not. When it comes to divide the property, it is also unfair. Some get more while some get less.

The Law is not fair as well. There are many loopholes in it and a good lawyer can twist the law to their client’s benefit and only the rich one can afford them. Usually the one that goes to jail are the poor one. As a lawyer I have seen a lot and there are some more absurd incidents that I can’t mention here.

From young, I knew life is never fair, especially coming from a big family with 7 aunties and uncles and 20 over cousins. I have seen lots of unfairness. I have always try to be fair to my staffs and friends.

Whenever the teacher or someone else told me that life is fair, I would say it is bullshit. God don’t give the same chance to everyone. Our destiny is in our hand and to succeed in this world is not to fight unfairness but to work around it.

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