Monday, 16 January 2012

The Goddess of Mercy Temple in Singapore

YH and I were away to Singapore over the weekend with the primary objective of going to the Goddess of Mercy Temple located at Waterloo Road and of course, to catch up with my good friends. Well, I should add – to eat all my favourite food in Singapore such as Ng Ah Sio’s Bak Kut Teh and Muthu’s Curry.
The Goddess of Mercy Temple at Waterloo Road, Singapore. 
The Goddess of Mercy Temple is a very popular temple with throngs of devotees of people going there for prayers and to seek her divine on matters that need predictions or solutions. It is said that the divination is very accurate. I first went to the temple in 2006. Since then I will go to the temple to pray each time when I am in Singapore without a miss. I will also seek the Goddess of Mercy’s guidance each time I am facing some matters that I can’t decide on or about my future and her divination is always accurate.
To seek the divination, first, you have to take the divination sticks stacked in the bamboo container and a pair of kidney-shaped red wooden blocks from the counter. Then you kneel down infront of the Goddess of Mercy and tell her your story in detail and what you need to know from her. After saying that, you shake the bamboo container until one of the sticks had fallen on the ground. You pick it up and then you asked if that stick is the Goddess of Mercy’s wish by throwing the kidney-shaped wooden blocks up in the air. If one wooden block is facing up and the other is facing down, then that bamboo is the right one. If not, you have to do the process all over again until you get the right one. So you wake up and go towards the caretaker of the temple and ask for your divination paper based on the number written on the divination stick. For the temple at Waterloo Road, the divination on the paper is written in Chinese and English.
Religion is a very strict affair in my family and we are Buddhist. Since Buddhist does not take beef just as Muslims do not take pork, I don’t take beef or any other red meat except lamb. Even then, we hardly take lamb at home. I remember when I was in my second year in university; my friend’s family invited me to their house for BBQ lamb dinner. It was rude to decline but I wasn’t really sure if I can take lamb so I called my mother all the way from New Zealand just to ask her if I can take lamb.
We also observed all the temple festivals especially the birthday of the Goddess of Mercy and the God of the City (sheng kong in Hokkien). When I was small, I will always follow my mother and grandmother to the temples. Most of the time, they will go to the temple of the God of the City if they need the guidance for certain decisions such as buying a property, going for medical treatment, arranging a marriage for my cousin and even to decide if I should further my study in New Zealand or England. The divination said that I will do well in New Zealand so off I went there.  
You will fall off your chair when I tell you that before I decide to tie the knot with YH, I actually went to the temple for the Goddess of Mercy’s guidance. It was written on the red paper that it is a workable marriage. Well, probably if I would have got another divination, maybe I will still be single today. I am also very sure that my mother had done the same at the God of the City temple in my hometown to see if YH is suitable for me.
A close friend, Lee Fong who is also a lawyer by profession,  is also a strong believer in the Goddess of Mercy’s divination. I also know of certain lawyers in my law firm will consult the Goddess of Mercy before they accept certain case.
This round, I asked the Goddess of Mercy about something that I wanted to do in the near future. I will share this when the time is right.

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