Saturday, 21 January 2012

江山永固,祖国长春 Getting Ready for Chinese New Year

YH and I woke up early today to go to the market to get the things needed for prayers for Chinese New Year. We bought pineapple ( ong lai in Hokkien means “luck comes”), pamelo ( luk yao in Cantonese which means properity), “huat kuih” ( a kind of kuih that also means prosperity) and also chrysanthemum flower. Those, together with “nien gao” and mandarin oranges are for offerings to the Goddess of Mercy in my house on the first day of the New Year. The offerings with all the good meanings are supposed to bring us luck and prosperity for the whole year according to Chinese tradition.
 A few days ago I received “a hill of gold” from my office. One of the feng shui master in town (not Joey Yap) apparently told one of the senior partner in my firm to give all the partners a hill of gold for prosperity and to bring good business to the firm. The gold hill is made of joss paper and it is about 3 feet high. We are supposed to place in our house for the whole year!!

Then yesterday I went to a master famous for his calligraphy to write a couplet for Chinese New Year for me to stick on my main door. I decided for something different from the normal couplet like 五福临门,金玉满堂,富贵荣华,恭喜发财,年年有鱼 and bla bla bla because I think I already have lots of prosperity and luck symbols at home. I decided to go for something to be shared with everyone -  江山永固,祖国长春。It means my country's empire to be forever stable and in good position and forever spring for my home country (forever spring also means forever prosperity).
So I hope that my country will be prosperous throughout the year of Dragon and the prosperity to be enjoyed by all Malaysians.

The offerings and the hill of gold at home, circa 2012.

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