Monday, 23 January 2012

First day of Chinese New Year

Gong xi ! Gong xi ! 恭喜 恭喜

I started my first day of the year of dragon at 12 midnight sharp with prayers and lighting of firecrackers. I prayed for a prosperous year ahead and also for me to stay healthy throughout the year. We had our reunion dinner in my in-law’s house prior to that followed by exchange of ang pows ( red packets).
I miss the reunion dinner in my grandma’s house and my favourite food such as “pig stomach in pepper soup” and “bak kian” ( fried mince meat mixed with prawns and vegetables ). These two are the must have dishes during reunion dinner and it is a very northern Peninsular Malaysia Hokkien dish. I don’t get to eat those in my in-law’s place.
After morning visitations to an uncle’s house, we proceed back to my hometown in the afternoon. With my cat Baron staying in KL, we have to arrange for his food and drinks as we will be away for 5 days. Not only that, we can’t be away for too long for fear that he will go hungry. He is a very spoilt cat and he likes his food to be fresh else he rather go hungry. So we have to arrange our schedule according to him.
I slept all the way from KL till almost reach home and hubby told me that the traffic is heavy on the North South Highway. Upon arrival, I received a huge ang pow from mom and dad. It is said that children who are already married will no longer receive ang pow from parents but I know dad love me the most.
The highlight of the day is the open house at home tonight. Friends and relatives came batch by batch. I only meet some of them once a year. More ang pows were exchanged (hmm...just a year ago I was the one receiving ang pow and now I am the one giving). We also catch up on what’s going on and of course you can’t expect gossips not being exchanged as well.   
I was asked to light two huge fireworks that my dad procured from his friend. This year I don’t even see policemen on motorbikes around my housing area. Well, again, why not legalise fireworks again in this country? As I am writing this blog, my surrounding is so noisy with sounds of fireworks coming from all directions. So, what’s the difference with the ban and without the ban as people are lighting it like it is legal. Only one difference: lost of government revenue!
Tomorrow will be full of visitation to temples and relatives plus some gambling in between.

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