Saturday, 14 January 2012

Declaring assets

The Penang state government strikes a political mileage in the move to declare the assets of the Chief Minister and his Exco members. It is unprecedented in Malaysia’s history. But to be more transparent, they should also declare the assets of their spouse.

Now eyes are not only on other Pakatan Rakyat states to do so but also the federal government. I hope Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib will emulate this kind of transparency. With that, then we will have less hassle when issues like cows and condos pop up and who know what other issues that will come up that will effect Barisan Nasional.
I am not a YB nor holding any positions in the government but many years ago I was accused that I received a huge sum of money for moving from DAP to MCA. Honestly, I got nothing. For the information of my accusers, what I have now came from my hard work in the private sector after I was no longer active in politics.
All my friends knew that I am frugal person except for a few things that interests me such a books, comfortable cars, antiques, Chinese purple clay tea pots and food. To them, I am a weird person because I only have two handbags, one which I used for office and the other for social functions. They are LV handbags and I’ve used them for 6 years. The are even more puzzled when they saw my shoe rack.
I bought Bally shoes because they are durable and I only have 4 pairs which is for different usages and I had worn them for at least 4 years. The last I bought a pair for myself was when I joined the law firm in 2008. I am even more frugal when it comes to clothes. To me, it is all about durability so I choose Burberry for casual wear, Brook Brothers for office wear and tailor made Chinese dress and cheongsam for social functions. All the clothes in my wardrobe are at least 3 years old. Some may feel I am weird for a female but why change when they are still wearable?


  1. Stumble upon this u will do well. My fear for your correction of past need not be heard.God will heed your wishes for the lesser. Ohm.

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